Top 5 Conditions That Indicate The Need For Tooth Extraction

tooth extraction

Your smile is one of the most valuable assets that you have. This goes without saying that you will want to retain it. It is essential to monitor your mouth and notice any potential issue that is developing there. It is for this reason that you have to visit your dentist’s office on a regular basis. This way your dentist will be able to detect any potential ailment or threat lurking in your mouth.

Right from the time your first tooth erupts, the teeth in your mouth are constantly moving and developing. But there are many-a-times when tooth extraction becomes the need of the hour. A tooth extraction is nothing but a process through which tooth is removed from the jaw. This can be conducted simply or with the help of surgeries.

It all depends on the structure, the position it takes in the mouth, the form and the shape of the tooth to determine whether its extraction will be simple or complicated.

A tooth that is ankylosed, impacted or fractured is quite difficult to remove. On the other hand, the tooth that is mono-rooted or has just one root will be much easier to remove than the one that has divergent roots or has two or three roots. That is why tooth extraction is often performed with anesthesia to make it more comfortable for the patient.

Instances When You Should Go For Tooth Extraction

Child Tooth Extraction

child tooth extraction

At the mixed dentition stage, the child goes through a phase where the baby teeth are exfoliating and the permanent ones are erupting. When the tooth is exfoliating or when a new tooth is erupting, usually the process occurs naturally. But at times extraction may be called for.

Decayed Teeth

root canal procedure

Root canal treatment or dental fillings happen to be the first things that are tried on the tooth that is decayed. But extraction should be the only option if the tooth is damaged to a great extent. This, however, varies from one case to the other.

Infected Tooth

tooth extraction

When the permanent or baby tooth has been infected by dental carries and when it hits the severe stage where it cannot be restored with a root canal or dental filling a tooth extraction is a must.

Wisdom Tooth

wisdom tooth

One of the most common types of extractions happen to be that of the wisdom tooth. At times, the other teeth in our mouth can be impacted when the wisdom tooth pushes them and this leads to the formation of a crooked smile.

Added to that, your wisdom tooth can also become infected and cause crowding in the mouth. This goes without saying that many patients require going for wisdom tooth extraction.

Orthodontics For Crowded Teeth

crowded teeth

Dental braces help to solve a number of occlusion and alignment issues. Often by expanding the arch or moving the tooth around, the teeth can be brought into proper alignment. At times when there is insufficient space, the tooth alignment can only be corrected by extracting a few teeth. The space that is gained henceforth can be used for the alignment of the teeth.


The above are some of the some of the signs that indicate that you may need a tooth extraction. These are suggested by the professionals of the reputed dental clinic in Delhi that has sustained in the industry since many years and houses the most adept team who are not only certified but also have almost a decade of hands-on experience.

You won’t feel a thing if you opt for the experts for your tooth extraction. So there’s no need to fret if you are advised to go for tooth extraction. At the end of the day, it helps to achieve a healthy mouth and a great smile that will last for many years without any trouble.  

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Conditions That Indicate The Need For Tooth Extraction

  1. Oh my, tooth pain is the worst! Thank god I haven’t needed to get a tooth extracted! This is helpful to know just in case I ever do!

  2. I had to have baby teeth pulled before I had braces because my adult teeth were too crooked and the baby teeth weren’t coming out because they were held in. Only a few years ago I had to have all four wisdom teeth pulled and one was in the nerve and I still have a tiny bit of numbness from that one.

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