Television news anchor gets 2,000 warning calls after dialog on Mahishasur Jayanti, 5 arrested

She has gotten more than 2,000 harsh calls on her phone, supposedly from activists and sympathizers of different expert Hindutva groups, blaming her for calling Durga a sex laborer. 

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From that point forward, Sindhu Sooryakumar, head organizing editorial manager of Asianet News TV, says she has gotten more than 2,000 oppressive approaches her phone, purportedly from activists and sympathizers of different professional Hindutva groups, blaming her for calling Durga a “sex specialist”.
On Monday, Kerala Police arrested five individuals in view of a protest documented by the writer. Those captured are associated with RSS, BJP and Hindu bunches, including Sri Rama Sena.
ON FRIDAY night, she directed a vivacious talk on a well known Malayalam TV news show on whether observing Mahishasur Jayanti could be viewed as a demonstration of treachery.
On Monday, BJP’s Kerala boss Kummanam Rajasekharan avoided questions on the issue.
One of the five told police that he got Sooryakumar’s number from Sanga Dhwani (a WhatsApp group), where a person shared her own number and requested that others call her for a Facebook post on Durga.

The greater part of the abusers called me a whore and manhandled me. Some undermined me while others didn’t realize what the charge was. Three others, who were captured from Kannur, are individuals from Sri Rama Sena, the professional Hindutva bunch included in the Mangalore bar assault of 2009 and a few different instances of good policing.

The state’s writers’ union, in the interim, composed a dissent and a walk to the Kerala Secretariat on Monday, looking for activity against the guilty parties.
“I have been getting a call each moment. I got a call at the beginning of today from somebody asking whether I was Durga. Someone else called me, saying I had posted on Facebook,” she said.

Sooryakumar included that BJP’s Rajesh guaranteed her that he would help with any examination. In any case, his gathering’s administration still hasn’t repudiated the talk being spread in their circles,” she said. Sooryakumar included that BJP-RSS pioneers of the state have additionally stayed quiet.
Police boss Kumar said agents were following the Facebook client who initially posted the gossip about Sooryakumar utilizing critical words to depict Durga. He included that they were additionally following the WhatsApp groups that circled the individual number of the writer.

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