Save 50% On Iphone X

Save 50% On Iphone X

The iPhone X was called the future of the smartphone when it was launched by Apple last year. There is no denying that Apple has released some pretty specular smartphones in the last year or so with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, but the iPhone X is on a completely different level. Here are some of the best online stores that you can purchase the iPhone X in the US.

  1. Amazon

Amazon is the single largest shopping website is not just in the US but also around the world. When it comes to fast delivery and prompt service there is no one better than Amazon. On this website, you can purchase anything you like. From electronics, sportswear, shoes, furniture, grocery products to clothes. Amazon has everything you need and more. While Amazon provides discounts on almost all categories of its millions of products. It’s more famous for deals on smartphones and electronics

Check out the Black Friday Sale on Amazon this November where the Apple iPhone X is available on Amazon for a price of $813.12 while the general retail price is set at $999.

  1. Walmart

Walmart is one of the largest and most influential shopping stores in America. With over 5000 brick & mortar stores around the country, Walmart is the go-to place for the majority of American’s Black Friday shopping. Now with their online stores open for business, you can complete your Black Friday shopping from the comfort of your home. They have over a hundred thousand types of products from categories like office, movies, home, music, furniture, and electronics etc.

Speaking of electronics you can purchase the iPhone X from Walmart for a price of $983 while the smartphone has an MRP of $999


One of the best places to purchase the iPhone X is the official website of Apple. Other than its smartphones, this trillion dollar company’s website sells all of this featured products like Mac Book, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Music, iTunes, iPod, iPod Touch and many more.

So to and avail of several discounts and other offers on the Black Friday sale this November. You can also purchase their famous iPhone X smartphone device in 64 GB and 128 GB versions. This smartphone costs $999 but during the Black Friday sale, you can purchase it at a significant discount.

  1. Best Buy

Founded as early as 1966, this multinational consumer electronics retailer operates in North America and has opened tens of thousands of stores in America, Mexico, and Canada. Best Buy sells smartphones from Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, Boost Mobile and Sprint Corporation.

Its specialty is in electronics sales. They have several offers on laptops, TVs, gaming consoles and smartphones. The pick of the bunch is the iPhone X smartphone by Apple. The device usually costs a sum of $999 but during the Black Friday Sale on Best Buy, you can purchase it by paying as little as $33.4 through the EMI facility.

  1. eBay

eBay is an American multinational online shopping store where people can buy and sale for a wide range of goods and services across the globe. With millions of users worldwide, eBay is undoubtedly one of the most significant online marketplaces where almost all goods and services are offered for sale.

Among those millions of products on eBay, there lies the iPhone X smartphone by Apple. This incredibly popular smartphone is available on eBay for as little as $760 during November’s Black Friday Sale while its original price is set at $999.

  1. Newegg

Newegg is one of the leading tech e-commerce stores in North America. Founded back in 2001, the company offers their millions of registered customers an ample selection of the latest electronics, gaming, and entertainment products companies have to offer. They also have a presence in more than 50 countries in Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East.

Newegg is ranked among the best online shopping destinations by users, especially during Novembers Black Friday sales. They offer special prices and discounts on almost all electronics available, like the Apple iPhone X. The iPhone X retails for $999 but on Newegg, you can get an instant 17% discount for your purchase and get this smartphone for just $833.49.

  1. Target

The first Target store opened in 1962 in Minnesota. Over the period of years, Target has grown drastically and now operates in over 1800 stores throughout the United States. What was one called The Discount Store Target, Hypermarket Super Target, City Target, and Target Express have all been consolidated under one name – the Target brand.

Target offers over 10 million products from their department and online stores. During the Target Black Friday sale, this November Target will offer a discount as much as 50% on the products in their stores and websites. The iPhone X that usually costs $999 will now be at 50% of this November and will cost just $499.

  1. Abt Electronics

Abt Electronics is a rather independent retailer that operates in the United States. They mostly sell consumer electronics, furniture and major home appliances like TVs, refrigerators, geysers etc. Originally from Chicago Illinois, Abt Electronics mainly through their Glenview location and their e-commerce website.

During this November’s Black Friday sale Abt Electronics offers several discounts on the electronics that they have made available. Most notably of all smartphones is the iPhone X by Apple. This smartphone retails for $1149.99 but on Abt Electronics you can get a flat 15% discount and purchase it for just $999.99.

  1. Overstock

Overstock is a billion-dollar online retailer that operates in Salt Lake City. Since their beginning Overstock has evolved from a small start-up to a multinational online retailer.

They offer products from several categories like furniture, bed & bath, home improvements, outdoor, kids & baby, jewelry and watches etc. They also have special offers on electronics and smartphones like the iPhone X up for sale this Black Friday. The Apple iPhone X (128 GB) retails for $1126.5 but on Overstock, you get a discount of up to 12% and can purchase it for just $999

  1. Gear Best

Gear Best is a Chinese based online retailer that offers a vast range of electronics and other gadgets at very reasonable prices. You can buy both American and Chinese products at below market prices and be assured of the same quality you come to expect.

One of these products is Apple’s flagship smartphone. The device costs $1297.5 but during the Black Friday sale this November you can purchase it for just $999.99 that is just under 30% off.

You don’t need to be out in the cold during the freezing winters of November. With these 10 websites, you can complete all you Black Friday shopping for Thanksgiving and for the holidays all from the warm comfort of your homes. So don’t forget to check out the Black Friday sale this November to get the iPhone X smartphone at incredible prices.

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