Effective Communication For Successful Business

effective communication

Communication is neither the message nor the process of transmission of it. It is actually the mutual understanding between the sender and receiver. You need to effectively communicate while doing business or any work which involves directing, controlling, organizing, staffing or planning. Thus, we can’t give HR role to a person who doesn’t have the skill of communicating effectively.

Types of Business Communication

If you are running or managing a business, you know that it is mandatory for you to inform the employees or anyone giving service about certain rules and regulations. You must use an oral or written form of communication for the same.

Previously, people use choose printed papers and telephone calls for business communication. However, now with the development of technologies, you have tons of different options like video conferencing, email, website agreement form, etc.

Effective communication is important to build a good reputation for the company. As more people are aware of the service, they are more likely to trust the brand.

  1. Oral Communication

You have to communicate formally to make your message effective while giving a speech or participating in group discussion, interviews, and meetings. However, you can occasionally communicate informally if you share a good relationship with your employees or coworkers.

2. Written Communication

When it comes to business communication, written form is always given more importance than oral ones. It is due to the fact that we can offer reports, agenda, and manuals in an organized manner and this type of communication is also important for trust building. In the oral way of communication, there are chances of misunderstanding because not everyone is able to decode information properly at once. In written form, they can recheck all the information given by you.

Whether the communication is done verbally or non-verbally, the message is always passed through a medium to the receiver. As communication is a two-way process, the response or reaction of the receiver is equally important.


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Importance of Effective Communication For Successful Business

The basis of any business communication is user feedback. Tons of employees work in big organizations. Greater the level of business, bigger is the difficulties and responsibilities. Thus, there should be plenty of issues to be tackled by a manager.

To direct and control all the employees, the manager must possess the skill of communicating effectively through oral and written medium.

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 At the workplace, misunderstandings are bound to take place between employees in some way. It can cause a huge problem for the organization if remain unsolved for long period of time. Thus, immediate feedback is essential to avoid such situations.

Every employee should work towards removing the communication gap, for the growth and success of the organization.

Communication Process

Main Components

Situation and environment

Different situations take place in our lives in different environments. These situations decide our way of communication as well as our message.


The person who conveys his/her message using visual graphics or oral/written words is called a sender.  This sender can also be an organization or group. The chosen words or symbols decide the interpretation of the message by the receiver.


Whatever you wish to communicate is a message which might welcome certain response or reaction from the receiver. When it comes to business communication, most of the time, you have to decide what message needs to be conveyed. A good communicator makes sure the main purpose of the message is clear.


Medium is anything which helps you to transmit your message. Even when you are communicating face-to-face without using any device air is the medium. The sender must choose the medium carefully keeping in mind the reason for communication.

Choosing improper medium can result in miscommunication. For instance, while attending a function you call your employee to a certain message, that employee might not hear you properly due to noise issue.


The receiver is anyone who decodes your message according to their own understanding, situation and knowledge about the subject.

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