Zhou Qunfei

Zhou Qunfei is an inescapable business visionary of China. She is the author and CEO of the organization “Lens Technology”. Her organization manages the spread glass or touch screens that are utilized as a part of cellular telephones, portable PCs, iPhone and so forth.

She has teamed up with industry against like Apple, Samsung and so forth. Her organization turned into an open recorded substance in the Shenzhen ChiNext market on March 2015. From that point, she turned into the wealthiest women in China. Aside from this, she is additionally the world’s wealthiest independent woman.

Early life

Qunfei was conceived in the year 1970 Xiangxiang in Hunan territory in China. Attributable to destitution she quit her school instruction at 15 years old. After that she started acting as a vagrant laborer in Shenzhen which is an exceptional monetary zone in Guangdong territory.

Zhou Qunfei Early Career

Zhou had a sharp longing to get information. Because of which she selected to work for organizations which were close to the Shenzhen University.In resulting years, she procured accreditations in various exchanges which incorporate bookkeeping, PC operations, traditions preparing and so on. She likewise acquired permit for driving vehicles for business reason.

Family Background


Zhou Qunfei’ father was a specialist and her mom a homemaker. Her dad lost his vision amid a mishap preceding her introduction to the world. She happens to an exceptionally poor family. When she was not really 5 years of age, her mom kicked the bucket. She was raised by her visually impaired father.

Kin and Cousins

Zhou Qunfei is the most youthful among every one of her kin. She has a senior sibling and a sister. She likewise has two cousins. Every one of them later helped her to begin her business set up.

Relational unions and Children

Zhou Qunfei first brought the wedding promises with her earlier industrial facility supervisor. Be that as it may, inside a couple of years they got separated. They have a child together. Later, Zhou wedded her long time companion, Zheng Junlong. He is now serving as a board person from Lens Technology. They are honored with a young woman.


Zhou Qunfei Career

Zhou Qunfei began working in a little watch parts fabricating firm. Be that as it may, inside a couple of years, the firm shut down. At that point she gained an investment funds of about HK$20,000. Zhou began her own particular firm in 1993.In the year 2001, woman fortunes supported her and she got the huge break of her profession. She was effective in picking up a lucrative contract from TCL Corporation which is thought to be the electronic merchandise producing mammoth in China. They enlisted Qunfei’s firm to make screens for their cell telephones.

Zhou Qunfei Lens Technology

In the year 2003, Zhou set up the “Lens Technology”. The brand has practical experience in assembling touch screens. With the capable administration of Qunfei, the organization has gotten to be one of the top touch screen producing organizations on the planet today. Her reputation has teamed up with many industry monsters, such as, Apple, Samsung Electronics and Huawei. According to media reports, the Apple will use the glass and sapphire precious stone screens from “Lens Technology” for their versatile watches.

Zhou Qunfei

With bleeding edge business strategies and diligent work, Zhou Qunfei is effective in building up 11 business set ups. According to the media reports of April 2015, she is giving vocation chances to around 60,000 people. Right now she has a total assets of $ 7.4 billion

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