How Will Be 2018, 2019 & Upcoming Years For You – Numerology

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How can you find out which years might be good for you according to numerology? In this article, we will help you find out those years. However, please do remember, those years might or might not be good based on your planetary dashas in astrology charts.

Now, let’s get started.

Planets Connected to Different Numbers

Number 1 is connected to Sun

Number 2 ………………….. Moon

No. 3 is connected to Jupiter

Number 4 ………………….. Rahu

Number 5 …………………… Mercury

No. 6 is connected to Venus

Number 7 ………………….. Ketu

Number 8 ………………… Saturn

No. 9 is connected to Mars

Calculate the number which will rule you this year

Add the following

Date of birth + Month of birth + Present Year or the year which you wish to check

Let’s say Mr. Q’s date of birth is 2nd October 1995

How will you check the number which was ruling Mr. Q in 2002?

You will do the following


You got 2014

Now add each number in 2014 to get a digit

2+0+1+4 = 7

You got 7, which means Ketu ruled Mr. Q, in 2002.

Basic result of Different Numerology Numbers

With above explanation, we hope you are able to calculate the ruling number for each year. The good and bad result of each number will depend on the connection of that number with your birth date number.

Ruling number 1 for a particular year will surely make you feel like a leader that year as it is ruled by the sun. We mean you might get a role in your personal or professional life where you have to act like a leader and probably all the eyes will be on you. You might even take new initiatives or start something new. The good and bad effect will depend on your birth date. Connect with Sun in the early morning to get positive results.

Ruling number 2 for a particular year will make you romantic, moody, creative, and emotional as it is ruled by the moon. You will connect with other people to work effectively and make your dream come true. Connect with God Shiva.

In the same way, you can see other numbers (ruled by other planets).

We might update this post later with more information. 🙂

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