Why We Should Never Encourage Piracy


Even before I started using the internet, I was very well aware of the word piracy and piracy issue. The term is very common and doesn’t need much of an explanation to anyone. If you are creating a pirated copy of someone else work, you are defiantly breaching the law and creating a duplicate copy of original version. In short, stealing someone else money for the individual benefit.

Why People Indulge In Piracy?

Have you ever thought why the pirate version of the software, movies, album, content, the picture is highly in demand??


Here Are The Top 5 Reasons For Piracy

  1. Not Interested In Paying For It:

Many software companies, production houses, content creators, photographers charge money to share their creation. This is very obvious because they have worked really hard and spend a huge amount to create the final masterpiece. But, often people don’t look forward to the hard work and want to grab the free copy. This can highly cause financial damage to the content creators, in addition to it, It is the most unethical act too.

  1. Not Able To Afford:

Not all the pirates are doing it for fun or not to pay money, there are cases when people are genuinely not able to afford the huge amount and end up looking for a pirated copy of the work. For example, not everyone can afford Adobe Photoshop hence they opt for the free and pirated version of it for photo editing.

  1. Lack Of Availability:

This is one of the major reason why people encourage piracy, some software, music content, pictures, text files are only available to people of certain region hence the other population remains deprived of it. There are cases when people are willing to pay but they are not able to access the paid version too. Hence, they also end up being a victim of piracy by getting the copy from the internet.

  1. Want To Use Only Once:

People nowadays only wish to pay for the stuff which they are using it for a long time. If they want to use it only for one time, they prefer to get the pirated version of it instead of paying the entire amount.

  1. Since Others Are Doing It:

People usually prefer to follow the cheap route and go with the flow mentality. They opt for a pirated version of movies, photographs, files, albums just because others are also doing it. It is illegal and they know it but they prefer to justify the act saying others also do it and there is no harm in indulging in piracy


Permanent Solution:

If you are looking forward to getting rid of piracy and want to have a solution for lifetime Connectpal is your best buddy. It is an excellent platform which allows the user to share their content and control piracy. If a user is looking forward to accessing your content, they are required to subscribe and pay a nominal charge to use it on connect pal. Their identity remains available and you don’t need to worry about content theft.

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