Why do we Need Real Estate Agent?

Real Estate Agent

Some owners do not like to have their properties disclosed through web pages and that is something we respect.

Real agent act as intermediaries in the purchase and sale of houses or apartments. The treatment we give our clients is characterized by trust and transparency, the team’s work is professional and in constant search for excellence in business results and those of the client.

Real estate agency was born from the union of a team of professionals specialized in the real estate and legal sector to offer clients all the legal advice they need in buying , selling or renting properties and real estate in general.

In recent years, we have incorporated into our real estate portfolio a large number of properties, whether new homes or new homes, all in perfect conditions of habitability.

The adequate management we do is adapted to the needs of each client and we try to make the clients make the right decision. However, agents are forced to accommodate the changing demands and opportunities that arise in the market.

How to Avoid Taking More Risks than Necessary?

  1. Invest According To Your Ability:

If one of your goals is to invest in Real Estate you must quickly start a savings plan that allows you to start building a small capital to invest. Usually, a person must maintain a lifestyle that allows them to live with 75% of their income and allocate the remaining 25% to productive investments.

Big capitals are not necessary to buy a first property. The important thing is to be clear about the monthly payment capacity and look for something that can be adjusted to this budget. The first question the investor must answer is: how much can I, without taking unnecessary risks, pay monthly as a mortgage loan? This will give you an idea of ​​the total amount you can borrow.

Then comes the payment of the portion of the value that is not covered by the mortgage loan. Usually, new housing has a higher cost per square meter than the home used, but allows longer terms for the payment of the Initial Fee.

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Hence the importance of starting to save very early, because that will allow you to buy used properties that have more reasonable values ​​per square meter.

  1. Make Informed Decisions:

It is common that, when visiting a property, we “fall in love” and want to buy it immediately. Although the speed in closing a business can give the investor the possibility of negotiating a better price, it is important not to lose sanity and take a few days to analyze the business, and it’s most important variables:

  • Once the property has been purchased, how much must be invested to put it back on the market (for re-sale, or for rent).
  • What rental prices are there in the area for comparable properties and what intrinsic profitability would be achieved with that lease and the value of the property?
  • How attractive is the neighbourhood or area today? How is it projected for the next years?
  1. Understands Trips as Part of Learning:

It is important to develop a network of contacts that can advise you on the development, maintenance and growth of your investments. A good real estate company that helps you search, evaluate and negotiate the property will be fundamental.

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