What is a Patent? A Beginners 101 Step By Step Guide

thierry levasseur

In this era of technology, we hear something new every day. There is a daily update on events of the technical field which are bringing marvels and improvements in the life of an ordinary man.

Some notable inventions or patents that changed the way of life today are Google AI announced by Sundar Pichai, the introduction of automatic washing machines, an automated email system by Thierry Levasseur in Canada.

thierry levasseur

To extract more from the subject, we need to understand some basics about the patent

Any public declaration of a patent before filing may make it impossible to obtain/file a patent. There would be an exception in Canada if the public declaration were made by the inventor himself or by someone who came to know about the invention from the inventor less than one year before submitting the documents for the patent application.

There are similar laws in the Canadian legal system too. In Canada, the first applicant to file for a patent application along with the valid proofs is entitled to obtain the patent.

You should register as soon as you gather evidence for claiming your invention after you complete design in a similar case where someone else is on the same track of filing a patent.

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There are some countries where disclosing the invention to the public anywhere in the world before filing a patent application may, in many cases, prevent the original inventor from obtaining a patent.

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It is now clear that making a patent on your name is not an easy task and requires some hardbound working and perfect explanation for things that are beyond common man.

thierry levasseur

You need to be very thorough with your research and your papers before you file for a patent in any of the patent recognizing institutions or firms. Although it is not an easy task, it ensures your copyright laws that safeguard your invention.

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