Voice of Swaraag Echoed at Rotary Club Celebration in Delhi

swaraag voice of delhi

Swaraag performed at the Rotary Delhi NCR Thanksgiving Festival on June 29, 2018, at Sultanpur in New Delhi. The name of the event is Southend Stars Award Nite, and it was held as a gratitude event and an award giving ceremony.

Swaraag is a folk-rock and Sufi fusion band, best known for their enthralling concerts across the country, who are now scaling their performances to the international level. Their renditions of ‘Padharo Mhare Des’ and ‘Saanu Ek Pal Chain Na Awe’ the most sought-after tracks among their crowd.


Known for their soulful music which touches the hearts of their listeners, Swaraag performed at a Rotaract Event.

The Rotary Foundation provides a platform to people with ideas across different regions, cultures, ethnic backgrounds and socio-economic statuses, to come together and help solve the world problems.

Rotary has a pool of manufacturers, exporters, doctors, travel agents, hoteliers, and advocates. It is among this pack of noble people that Swaraag performed last Friday night.

voice of swaraag at rotary club
Rotary District 3011 corresponds to the Delhi-NCR region, and as they celebrated their Thanksgiving and Award Distribution programme last Friday night, Swaraag helped set the mood of the day.

Having 93 members across its Delhi Southend Chapter, the event will be highlighted by the presence of District Rotaract Representative, Rtn. PHF Anmol Chawla and his team, who felicitated Rotary members for their uncompromising hard work and limitless dedication to the cause of Rotary.

With about a 100 people, who were mostly delegates and chairpersons of important firms on the guest list already, and great personalities like Rtn. Pawan Munjal, Rtn. Sudhir Seth, Rtn. Ranjit Kumar, Rtn. Pankaj Munjal, Rtn. Shubh Passi and Rtn.

Sunil Galgotia being members of this esteemed foundation, the event was undoubtedly a high profile one, and Swaraag was just the right band which brought that air of royalty and gratitude to life.

Recognized everywhere by their audiences for their power packed and yet soulful performances. It is the one band that has never failed to deliver the best music to the crowds. Having an experience of bringing electrifying performances for corporates and other parties.

Swaraag is a seasoned band who can be trusted wholeheartedly to make the event the most memorable one.

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