6 Types of Digital Marketing – SEO, PPC and Affiliate Marketing

While surfing Youtube, the advertisement that comes before every video, thank god for the skip advertisement option, but sometimes we have to sit down through the entire 30 seconds (sometimes 60) to wait for our video to start. Well, that is an example of Digital Marketing.

In 2017 everything is digital from shopping to reading, so why not marketing. Since the entire world is online, digital marketing is the best way for any business to make their products and services visible. There are different kinds of Digital marketing and strategies to reach the targeted consumer or customer. Before getting into the details, it is very important to understand different kinds Digital marketing platforms available.

Types of Digital Marketing

  1. Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Let’s start with SEO or Search engine Optimization. The main aim here for the businessmen is for the google to show their result right on top when there is a search. For example, when someone types Lipstick, then Fedora brand should be shown right on top.

For the searchers, the aim is to get an optimized content and website once keywords are put in the search engine. It is considered as the strongest method for digital marketing with 94% clicks being directed to organic content.

2. Pay Per Click or PPC

Another form of digital marketing is PPC or Pay Per Click. In a lay man’s language, these are the paid ads. While the search results that come right above and have the AD written below, that is inorganic Ad. The person has paid or is paying Google for every click.

The aim of coming right on top in the search result is achieved by paying. If you have loads of money or a super-rich sponsor then you can go for it, but there is no guarantee that your ad would sell.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing, in the social media age, if you are not making full use of Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram then you have been living under the rock. Almost all the brands are on these platforms. It is considered as one of the best forms marketing. You get to connect with the customer/consumer and vice-versa to understand how to better your product/service or improve your brand.

You can self-promote your brand by spending an adequate amount of time. There is also an option of buying followers, a brand with more followers holds credibility as compared a brand with minuscule no. of followers. For consumers also it’s the best way to stay in touch and up to date through social media.

4. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the weapon; it’s a perfect blend of every online digital marketing out there. It requires a certain skill and mind to do so. If done correctly it can direct a lot of traffic towards your brand and in no time success would be knocking at the door.

A lot of strategies are involved in an advertisement to make your brand visible. It aims at spreading awareness about the brand without always selling it. It can be done by oneself but if not skilled, people can be hired for creating clever content to attract consumers in the form of blogs, infographics- (I mean memes).

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is when you give a third party to promote your brand, usually an influential party like famous bloggers of your area, news agencies or any other digitally influential person and pay them a commission. That when your headache becomes theirs. The Sad part is you have to share the profit with them.

6. Viral Marketing

Now Viral Marketing is everything that will get the undivided attention of your targeted customer/consumer. Basically, it means, your product becomes viral. A lot of creativity is involved in this to make your brand stand as out as possible. It should be on trend with the popular topics.

Eg- If you are clothing brand and the game of thrones season in coming all you have to do is print some Khaleesi on a dragon Tees.

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