Top VoIP trends to watch out by 2019 in India

VoIP provider in India

With each passing year, VoIP technology has been continued to grow and there are several changes and innovations which are trending the industry. So with the passage of time, there are lots of improvements that are revolutionizing the industry and seeing improvements in performance and leads to more business adopting the technology. Therefore, if you are among those who are interested in switching to hosted VoIP then choosing the help of VoIP provider in India can help them configure, maintain and organize the call center in a much convenient way.

Utilization of 5g Technology:

With the utilization of 5g technology, the speed will be expected to be ten times better as compared to 4g communications standards. We can also expect VoIP quality to be even better. We can smartly reduce dropped calls, echoes, and packet loss for reliable calls and effective video streaming. With these significant advances in VoIP technology, businesses, agents, and employees can work remotely with more ease & efficiency.

Artificial intelligence can improve business communications

Different advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) are now paving the way to more enhanced communication standards. These AI-powered unified communications techniques are still in their early stages, and major developers are also much hopeful that some advanced implementations will soon occur by 2019.

AI techniques can also help assess the call quality based on different factors such as lowest bandwidth or even the wrong network configuration, and then address it before stakeholders even going on a call. Artifical intelligence can even be used smartly to gather some prominent insights based on real-time conversation analysis, the email correspondence and speech patterns.

Voice assistants may become more efficient and smart:

Besides consumer analytics, artificial intelligence also helps assist with some real calls. Like language processing is also considered much sophisticated that there are voice assistants who are now getting much smarter and intuitive to clients needs.

According to this scenario, there are more & more businesses which are automating some basic queries which are allowing employees to focus more appropriately on some high-level tasks. For example, this powered voice or chatbots also help to answer some basic questions asked by different customers. And the consumer will never feel the need to talk to the real agent, and even he would never recognize between the real voice and a chatbot.

Traditional landlines will be phased out:

According to the rising trends and adoption rates of hosted VoIP among businesses, the experts are predicting that by the end of 2019, traditional telephony will be phased out and every business will prefer to choose VoIP instead of landlines.

Efficient support & technology might be still available for the old systems, but just to accommodate their businesses that need to make the inevitable transition to Hosted VoIP.  Thus the bottom line is that there will be more and more people recognize the benefits of having a proper communications system that is more efficient, scalable, flexible and reliable according to the business needs, and making the decision to switch to VoIP. For more efficient guidance, you can consult with the professionals of VoIP Terminator  who are well aware of the latest trends in India and can provide you best guidelines regarding call center solutions in a professional way.

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