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Your best shot to become a millionaire is to become an Entrepreneur. As like many Entrepreneurs, the journey of this man will inspire you to get started with your efforts to reach the success level.

Jitendra Dhaka- This Indian Entrepreneur, the founder of Chekrs – an education portal that delivers free online education for the students. With the Unstoppable efforts and million amount of smile on his face are continuously contributing to the development of the nation.

His Story

Let’s take look at his journey from rags to riches…….

After completing his graduation from the Lovely Professional University, he came to the city of traditions (Pink City). He started his career living in a one house room sharing with his roommate. With the aim of doing something for the society and people of the country, he started learning Internet Marketing.

The continuous learning and complete dedication towards his dream of making an education portal which provides Free Education to students. He came up with the startup called “Chekrs”. He spends 20 hours of the day sitting on the chair with the computer.

In the duration of 6 months, his roommate has not seen him taking a sleep. This type of energetic personality is what changing the meaning of the word from IMPOSSIBLE to I AM POSSIBLE.

jitendra dhaka with neil patel top indian blogger

Jitendra Dhaka with Top Blogger of India Neil Patel

This quote perfectly suits on this guy

“Work hard in Silence, let your success makes a noise like a roar of a LION”

With this determination and hard work, he is also known as the top blogger who is earning in millions. His story of Hard work started in the college days.

Those who had coins enjoyed in the rain, those who have notes were looking for the shelter

Early Days

He completes his school education from Jhunjunu, Rajasthan. He started pursuing B. Tech after his Intermediate education. Till 12th he his not aware of What is digital marketing, Internet marketing etc.

One of his friends told him about the Online Earning so he decided to learn how to earn money. His enthusiasm for learning helped him with paying his college fees by himself. This thing really inspires a lot of young generation people who want to achieve something in their life.

At this point in time, he thought of becoming a Digital marketer and helping the nation with his innovative ideas which are building in his mind. There is no obstacle which he was having fear.

The continuity of doing things and implementing things by the different way helped him a lot for analyzing and solving obstacles in his life and achieving great targets.

How Much He Earns?

He Started with his Company Crazzle Plus which provide Digital Marketing Services all around the country. The company soon gets expanded to become Crazzle plus group which has offices around the different states. The earning of this man is not disclosed but it is expected to be more then 6 figure income.


Jitendra Dhaka also helps a lot of students to set up his own business and helps them to establish the great career opportunities. If you want to be successful and achieve targets then just obey his quotes.

#Thakna Mna h

#Rukna Mna h, because

Even the sky is not the limit

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