Top 9 Roles of Entrepreneurs For Running a Business Successfully

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We all know the truth that running a one-man business show is really complex task. It is not like walking into the office and using your creative ideas to complete the work for the day, and then at the end of the day everything is over, you are back to home.

Business is completely different, but again the reality is that you have to do a little bit of almost everything, especially during the initial stages of business development.

During the initial months, it is really difficult for a small or medium scale business to gather the funds for running the business on a full-fledged model.

Cost cutting is essential to afford the important business requirements. You have to work step by step to establish the foundation and take it completely to a different level that you have always dreamt of. As an entrepreneur, you have certain rules and here I am going to discuss some important rules that you should do on a daily basis in order to make sure that your organization runs smoothly and consistently.

1. Figurehead

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Serving as the figurehead of an organization is almost like playing the role of a leader, but it is extrinsically focused. As we know that being the figurehead of your organization, it is your duty to create a network with other professionals as well as attend the speaking events and develops a personal brand online.

You need to develop such a personality of your own that people will come ahead and associate with your firm. So, it is advisable that you should always be true to yourself and creates a good impression.

2. Leader

There is no surprise to the fact that entrepreneurship implies serving the role of a leader but the real role of leadership needs experience for mastering.

As the leader of your business, you will be completely liable for establishing a good example for your core team as well as establishing the internal tone.

Again, you will be responsible for resolving the conflict within your organization as well as boosting the morale of the employees in a time of hardship and distress.

3. Visionary

An entrepreneur is one such person who is always full of business ideas and looking for opportunities for further innovation as well as finding ways to tackle the old challenges. After launching your business, your work is not over.

In fact, your responsibilities keep on increasing with the passing days. A stagnant business cannot able to strike in the market, and so it is essential that you keep looking for new ways to improve and expand your business.

4. Financial analyst

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The financial health of an organization is considered to be the biggest factor for its failure or success.

Although if you hire someone who can take care of the financial records of your company, still you cannot oversee the responsibility you have as an entrepreneur.

It’s you who will have to take the necessary actions when required in order to prevent a disaster, like the right time for securing a new credit line or business debt.

5. Marketer


You need to accomplish the job of establishing the image for your brand. For this, you can hire an outside marketing professional who will help you to come up with the best marketing strategies. But again, as an entrepreneur, it is your final decision to ensure which marketing plan will actually help you out to reach your goal.

6. Customer service rep


As a startup, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your customers are really happy about the services you provide. And it is a well-known factor that you hardly have a few clients in the beginning who are going to serve as the vital media for your business.

So, you will have to provide them with quality customer service so that they can help you in increasing your business.

7. Receptionist

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It is true that when your organization will start growing bigger, you will able to hire the service of the receptionist who will help you out with the incoming calls, visitors’ emails, and inquiries.

But in the initial months, when you don’t have enough fund to hire a secretary or receptionist, it’s you will have to play the role and take care of this major factors.

But checking emails, following up the business prospectus and calling them back as well as scheduling appointments are important parts of your business which cannot be avoided.

8. Grunt

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It is wrong to think that entrepreneurship is simply about glory and charisma. Unfortunately, one has to even play the role of a grunt during the initial stages of business development.

Paperwork, data entry as well as other unglamorous jobs may take a lot of your precious time. But always remember that every second that you will spend for these pretty things, will completely worth it in the future.

9. HR manager

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You will be actually in the complete charge of developing your team as an entrepreneur; they will carry out your objectives and ideas to make your business successful. It means that you will have complete control in your organization and you can even try to use whatever blend of talents, skills, experience, education and personality you required for making things work in the proper path.

After reading the post, I’m sure that many people will be thinking that with the due course of time when the business starts developing, the roles of an entrepreneur will reduce. But it is completely a wrong thinking because there are some responsibilities that do not go away over the period of time.


Of course, you can hire people who will take care of all these essential responsibilities but still, it is you have to be in charge of taking the final decision and taking things into the right direction. Of course, the fact cannot be denied that an entrepreneur usually has to take a lot of pressure, undergoes the hectic work schedule and gives high amount of effort required to establish a strong foundation.

But believe me, running a one-man business show is very something very interesting and if you manage to take the right decisions, you can test the joy of success over the period of time. You want to get better insight of the actual business mechanics? Then, keep reading our upcoming blogs.

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