Top 6 Unusual Products of Wearable Technology in 2018

The majority of products in the category of wearable technology aim to wrist such as wrist watches along with products that can help the wearers track their activities, there is another product manufactured by Google that you can put on your nose called Google Glass.

The newest technology’s items which you wear are not for your wrist and eyes only anymore. There are many products that are very important to update you about your health and track the count of your calories but they are not limited to your wrist only.

In this blog, we will particularly talk about some really helpful wearable technology products that can be worn on the feet and neck. Let’s see what produce we have here for you.

1 – Nod to Control Gesture

You can wear this technology product called Nod in your finger. This one gives patience to you if you are on the floor or in a crowd, as you will not feel like shuffling your hands. Sometimes, especially in winter season, your fingers shiver and Nod can offer you comfort.

2 – Sensoria Fitness Socks

This one helps you keeping wearable technology underfoot. They are Sensoria Fitness Socks that are made to count all steps along with tracking speed. Secondly, they let you know your calories and distance. There are also fitness and sports bras and t-shirts for monitoring the rate of your heart. Wear these tech garments to know your health condition.

3 – Misfit Bloom Necklace

This necklace is to monitor several activities, especially your sleep. It tracks your walking and running. You can also use it at the time of swimming. You know that it gives you several benefits and you have to pay only around $110 to get it. This is easy to wear and take off.

4 – Smart PJs

These pajamas are for children and they look very pretty when they wear. These pajamas are the first communicating product of the world. Scan any of the manifold patterns on smart pajamas with a smartphone for revealing a different bedtime story for kids.

5 – OMsignal OMbra

If you are one of the women who want to keep their fitness track easily and does not perform other activities like eating, shopping, etc. without distraction, OMbra is the perfect choice for you. It is the first smart wearable technology bra, manufactured by Canadian tech startup OMsignal. OMbra gives you comprehensive feedback pertaining to your fitness regime.

6 – Narrative Clip

It is a little wearable camera, manufactured by a Swedish company called Memoto. This camera can be worn like a necklace. The camera takes the pictures every 30 seconds and can store up to 4000 images.

The taken images are uploaded to a cloud server and can be accessed via a mobile app. Some years ago, the devices to check heart rate and count your steps were extremely heavy.

Now, these are light in weight that they can be worn or attached to your body whereas you don’t feel the burden at all. These wearable technology products can track your fitness level and even help you entertain your kids like smart PJs.

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