Top 17 Best Rotomolded Cooler Reviews in 2018 and beyond

Rotomolded (Rotational-molding) Cooler is a portable insulated icebox used to keep drinks and food cool. Rotomolded coolers have become popular recently. Their rotationally molded construction is their exceptional feature which makes them the best in the market currently. Rotomolded cooler is the new and improvised version of conventional ice coolers and keeps things cool for a long period of time.

Modern technology has developed rotomolded cooler for easier use. They are great for keeping food and drinks fresh and cool on a picnic, camping, fishing or when chilling on a beach. In summers, for picnics and trips people need coolers that look good, are portable, withstand the outdoors heat and most importantly preserving your drinks and food. Rotomolded coolers save your money and time and give durability in the long run. They are best coolers in the market for keeping ice.

Depending on the size, in a rotomolded cooler ice can remain frozen for 3-10 days approximately. Rotomolded coolers will keep the ice frozen even in extreme weather conditions.

We’ve compiled the list of best roto-molted coolers for you in this article, there are various options to choose from according to your need. They have different sizes, colors and are for different activities. Here’s our list of best coolers to buy;


The Ozark trail is a new cooler in the market. It’s notable feature includes good ice retention, affordability and versatile is great for road trips, beaching and camping. It can keep ice frozen for 2 days or so. It’s a little heavy, so taking it on great distances can be a small problem. If you have a low budget then it worth a buy.

2.ORCA 58 QT:

This is the best cooler for the money. It has a cargo pouch on back, has great ice retention and has lifetime warranty. This roto-molted cooler has balanced quality, price, versatility and performance. You can safely store your keys and phone in the pouch on the back. It has thick insulation and keep the ice frozen for 6 days or more. This design is available in different sizes.

3.RTIC 45:

They also have awesome ice retention are affordable. They’re great coolers for the beach. It can store ice frozen for 7 days if you’re careful. They have larger size for families and larger groups. You will not face any shortage of ice for the entire weekend with this cooler.

4.ORCA 40 QT:

This is one of the best premium brands of coolers, they are durable and heavy-duty and is made with high quality materials. They are best for taking on for camping. Ice can last for 5 days or more easily in these coolers. They have a pouch on the back for keeping your small accessories. If you want to buy large sizes then you can also choose from the collection.

5.ORION 25 QT:

This is an impressive quality and durable cooler. Ice can last up to 7 days in this one. It’s great for outdoor activities such as kayaking, fishing etc. It’s features include built-in bottle openers and thick insulation.


They are great for hunting coolers. They are heavy duty, large capacity and rugged and bear-proof design. They can have 7 days or more of ice retention. It’s designed for hunting so there’s a lot of space to store meat too. It has got different sizes for your need.

7.YETI 75 QT:

These coolers are although a bit expensive but they are the most reputed and best brand of roto-molded coolers undoubtedly. The ice should last 5-6 days in this cooler.This is small enough for a single person to carry but there are larger sizes available too .


This is a very cheap cooler and can store ice for up to 2 days. It doesn’t have the best of designs and quality but for the money it is great to buy. If you need a cooler to hold ice for some days, it is a nice option.


These coolers are perfect for any outdoor recreation. It has a large storage size to preserve food and drink for camping, boating and hunting. It helps of ice retention for 8-15 days. They have a sturdy design for outdoor adventures.


It is a high quality cooler and give 6-10 days of ice retention mostly. It is available in small size which makes it easy to carry it. It has top quality insulation and has lifetime warranty.


Yeti Tundra coolers are popular for their portable, modern and durable design. Their sizes are easy to carry and you can take them on camping, hunting and fishing trip. They can hold ice for up to 4 days.


This cooler makes storing and transportation can store a lot of things. Pulling this cooler is easy even when it’s fully loaded. It can keep ice for 4-5 days. It is suitable for a camping trip.


They keep ice for 5 or more days. It includes drink holder, cutting board separator and dry keeper basket. It has 5 year warranty. It has convenient features that stand out .It has great quality and is durable.


They have amazing ice retention. It is also lighter in size comparable to others. It is all in all a wonderful cooler capable of storing a lot of food and drinks. It has ice retention extra 2 days or more comparable to yeti coolers.


If you need a cooler to keep your beverages and lunch cold for a day, this cooler is a great choice then. It is an awesome cooler for day trips to beach, parties and BBQs.


This is a best wheeled cooler. It is easy to pull and great for transport. It has a lot of space for storing drinks and soda cans.


This is a pelican wheeled cooler version. It gives 7 or more days of ice retention.80 QT wheeled cooler is also available for larger needs.


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