Top 10 Best Television Brands in India

Many people in India used to hesitate to purchase major home appliances, including Television and computer.

Things have changed in India because of the spread of the online giant companies like Snapdeal and Amazon that ensures their customers are happy and satisfied with their home delivery service.

The major benefit of ordering online is that you can buy a TV online, from your mobile or laptop at home, and they will not only deliver within a week but will also set up the TV in your home, probably within a day.

The popularity of buying online is growing because of the assured service offered with just a phone call.

Any complaints are immediately checked and acted upon and the problem will be solved by the service technicians help within hours while you are sitting in your home.

It is obviously much more convenient option than having to beg the local shop-keeper, for help and service, from where you purchased the TV last time.

Amazon and Snapdeal are the world’s biggest online store as they make their customers happy. The best trick to purchase a TV in India is to first check the reviews and prices of all the TVs that are accessible online.

These online companies give some huge discounts, mostly for TVs where new models are announced and pre-booking has started. Once you study all the accessible online TV models and prices in India, you can even start to do your TV shopping in the local stores.

1. Samsung TV India

Samsung Electronics is a leading electronics manufacturing company in the World. It is owned by South Korean Company and was founded in 1969.

2. SONY TV India

Sony Corporation is commonly known In India as just ‘Sony’ is second largest electronics manufacturer in the world.

Japanese multinational Company, Sony, has several innovations in the entertainment industry in its name. It owns a huge number of popular channels around the World.

3. Videocon TV India

The company is the 3rd largest manufacturer of TV Picture Tube in the world. Videocon Industries Ltd. with an annual turnover of more than Rs. 30,000 crores is a big industrial group in India.

The company manufactures and sells TV sets, Mobile Phones, DTH satellite TV services, domestic appliances, etc. The company owns more than 17 big factories in India including factories in China, Italy, Mexico, and Poland.

Videocon has numerous good flat TV models.

4. LG TV India

LG Electronics is one of the largest TV and Mobile Phone manufacturers in the world. The Company is headquartered in South Korea and its original name was ‘GoldStar’ which founded in 1958 as a producer of refrigerators, washing machines, radios, TVs, and air conditioners.

‘GoldStar’ merged with another Korean Company ‘Lucky’ in 1995. Hence, LG came into existence as the initials for the Company ‘Lucky Goldstar’. LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. was set up by LG Korea in 1997.

5. Micromax TV India

Micromax is one of the largest manufacturers of TV and mobile phones in India. It was established as Micromax Informatics Ltd in March 2000. MicroVAX began assembling LED TVs in their factory from 2014 in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand. In February 2015, Micromax opened their second-largest 500 crore factory in Alwar, Rajasthan.

6. Onida TV India

Onida is a well-known TV brand in India from Mirc Electronics Ltd. company. It was established by Mr. G.L. Mirchandani and Vijay Mansukhani in 1981. Onida began assembling TV sets in their factory in Andheri, Mumbai. Onida also produces Domestic appliances apart from TV sets.

7. Panasonic India TV

Panasonic India is an Indian company with Japanese roots. The company was founded by Konosuke Matsushita in 1918. It was named ‘Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd’ using the popular brand name ‘National’ and technical brand names like ‘Technics.’

Panasonic started its operations in India in 1972. The company unified all brands under “Panasonic” name in 2003 with a catching slogan, “Panasonic ideas for life”. It focuses on market research and product innovation.

8. Philips Television India

Philips Company was started operation in Holland or Netherlands in 1891. Its original name is ‘Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.’ meaning ‘Royal Philips Electronics’ and hence is popularly known as ‘Philips’. Philips has many inventions to its name.

9. Sharp Television India

Sharp Corporation was founded in September 1912 as a multinational Electronics manufacturing Japanese Company. The company is an LCD technology leader in the world. The company took a controlling stake in 2007 in Pioneer Corporation.

Sharp made the world’s first transistor calculator in 1964. Reportedly, the company made the world’s first LCD calculator in 1973. The company additionally made a history by creating the world’s first commercial camera phone.

10. Toshiba Television India

Toshiba Corporation is one of the leading TV producers in the world. It is a multinational headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

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