Tips Ahoy! Essentials For Your Summer Bag

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The month of sweet, flow and fun filled summer is here. This month calls for a lot of partying and innumerable nonstop entertaining activities.

Day parties at the backyard of your best friend from school, music festivals arranged in your neighborhood, summer theme parties by your university, pool parties, Ice cool juice parties and in-house movie scene, the glorious time is waiting for you with the extra fun knocking at your door.

With all these events and get together in a line, the most important thing to sort is the wardrobe. Because most of the times, the biggest concern regarding an event for anyone is the fact that one just cannot decide what to wear to that event and often ends up donning on their go-to rags. But well, that we’ll leave for some other time to discuss as today we shall talk and have a look down on what basic essentials should one carry in their bag to ensure a comfortable summer time!

Maybelline New York Lip Color

maybelline new york lip color
Image Credits: Miss Liz Heart

That one and only makeup item that you need in your summer bag is a nice shade of lip color. the golden rule for makeup in summers is ‘Keep it minimal’.

Given the intense heat that covers the city of Karachi, one cannot afford to ignore this golden rule and is practically obliged to follow the ‘only lipstick’ regime. Just toss a lipstick on your bag and tap on your lips and cheeks whenever needed. That’s the only makeup you want, trust me!

A pair of sunnies


Toss your favorite shades in your bag. Summer is the best time to flaunt your women eyewear everywhere you go. Nothing styles up your summer than a trendy pair of shades.

Whether you are on your way to your office, going to shop with your girls, off to a lunch date with your fam, or just relaxing at the beach, your shades are your best friends.

To shop the trendiest pair of women’s eyeglasses, browse through our online shelves which are fully equipped with the most elegant pairs you have ever come across.

Shop now at Telemart and make some room in your bag for the beauties!

A Portable Charger for your refuge


Carrying around a portable charger these days wasn’t this necessary ever before as we have been introduced with a bucket full of applications that drain the battery of our phones like how the Karachi heat drains out the hydration from our bodies.

Apps like Snapchat and beauty cam apps are the true bloodsuckers when it comes to your battery life.

So to make sure you are always armed up well, keep a portable charger in handy. It has to have a special place in your bag amidst your self-care and grooming products inside the bag.

Hair bands

hair band

When you talk about the turn offs of the summer season, that one thing that definitely (we bet) comes in the minds of all the girls is the fact how letting the hair open and flow for a bit too long can be extremely irritating and sweaty.

To combat this miserable situation, always carry along a set of cute and colorful hair ties in your bag. After all, a small set of hair ties ain’t going to eat up all the space.

A nice perfume/ body deodorant

high fashion perfumes

Last but certainly not the least, a deodorant!! Actually, this should have been the opener of the blog but we’ll just put it here. Keeping a deodorant or a perfume in summer is as necessary as breathing. This is not only to bless the people around you with a fragrance but also to feel fresh yourself. But the rule here is to carry a fragrance that is not too strong as a lot of people are intolerant of strong fragrances and it might disturb their senses.

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