Things To Consider While Choosing Music Orchestra For Your Party

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There are various factors which people keep in mind while choosing music for their party. Usually, a majority of people prefer to assign the entire task to the professional disc jockey. They prefer to let the DJ handle the music according to the audience attending the party.

However, there are various people who like to customize the music preparations and throw in a few ideas of their own and hire a band, instead of hiring a DJ in an apathetic manner.

A DJ or a Live Band

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The decision of a choice between a disc jockey and a live band is an age-old one. Each form of entertainment radiates a different form of aura while they perform. Also, there is a huge difference in the performance of a DJ and a live band using live instruments. A live band usually commands the power of customization which can’t be easily done by a DJ.

However, if the party is being held for a younger crowd who prefer to dance to the music as it is on a record, a DJ is a better choice.

DJ’s are perfect in offering a playlist with the trending songs to which the crowd can dance all night long. The setup of a DJ also consumes lesser space than that required by a live band which is an important factor while choosing the venue.

Making Sure That The Music is Loved

Music plays a very important role in delivering a message to the guests what the party is all about. For example, in case of a wedding party, a music tells the guests what the couple is all about. Therefore, it is very important that the right type of music is chosen at the party.

Famous Sufi-fusion band Swaraag advises people to put their thoughts down on a piece of paper about the vibes that they want to communicate through the music. This helps in creating the right playlist or hiring the right type of live band for the party.

There should a huge amount of research done for this part. It is common for people to choose the musical element via recommendations without even checking. But even if a relative advises a band, research should be done with due diligence and the quality of music provided should be listened to.

The Guests

The party is all about the one throwing the party and the guests. Therefore, a type of music should be chosen which resonates with both of them. Therefore, music should be chosen which resonates equally with all the people.

Most professional bands and DJ’s know how to cater to an elderly as well as a child of 2 years. However, it is equally important that there is good communication with the musical elements.

Founder and Manager of the Indo western fusion band Swaraag feels that “It is equally important to feel out how your entertainment provider resonates with your needs. Think about what kind of music will resonate with everyone in the room and communicate this to your entertainment provider”


It is understandable that the entertainment required for any type of event is important to make it a memorable and unforgettable one. Therefore, the person throwing the party should keep in mind to do loads of research before choosing the type of entertainment. Only by this, can a party be one of a kind.

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