The Untold Future of Gaming Industry


Over the years we have witnessed some drastic evolutionary changes. Numerous industries have collapsed, and new ones have emerged with time.

The tech industry seems to be running a marathon where every year there’s something new awaiting our presence.

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Online shopping websites have secured a major chunk of the industry where almost every product is readily available and can be delivered right at your doorstep.

Likewise, gaming was always considered as a sport or a part of one’s leisure time activity. But until now, it has emerged as an industry giving rise to a pool of casual and hard-core gaming freaks.

Who knew that gaming would ever open doors to some handsome earning opportunities for gaming freaks?

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Meanwhile, the gaming industry has also shapeshifted from computers to video games to gaming consoles and what not! Though the future is still untold and yet to be decided.

Virtual Reality

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The 21st century has brought some major changes. Movies like Avatar have introduced us to the world of virtual reality and so is the case with the gaming industry.

Previously, games were symbolized with just being 2D but now we have come across a diverse set of 3D games ranging from action adventure games, first-person shooter, turn-based strategy, massively multiplayer online role-playing games etc.

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Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Doom VFR, Dota 2, The Lab etc. lie among some great VR games worth playing.

The incredible Oculus Rift has thrust huge excitement among the gamers. Its prototype was introduced in various gaming conventions to which the response was impressive.

This virtual reality headset has gained great recognition among the game developers and hard-core gamers.

The gaming industry has also improved its graphical quality and video resolution to an extent that it can be difficult to distinguish between the gaming and real-world mainly to serve the purpose of offering the best visual experience to the gaming freaks.

Augmented Reality

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Pokémon Go, one of the most famous and successful segmented reality game of 2017, gained immense recognition across the globe.

The prolonging list of some of the best and top-rated Augmented Reality games include Ingress, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Zombies, Run!

In Augmented Reality games, you hold your smartphone and move it around your surroundings through which it navigates you to various locations like restaurants, motels, ATMs etc. pertaining to the game.

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In Pokémon Go, while hold smartphones up high, one had to secure and shoot targets from across their surroundings.

Augmented Reality has shown a different horizon to the gaming industry and has taken it to yet another level.

Cloud Gaming

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The advent of cloud gaming technology has made its presence known across the globe among the keen gamers.

Having provided consistent and speedy internet connections, gamers find themselves at ease with this technology since it has made games easily accessible just like movies or music.

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The best part about cloud gaming is that the companies frequently upgrade the visuals and other gaming qualities so that the gamer does not have to wait for long for the updates.

To access cloud gaming, all you need is a strong and reliable internet connection and you are all set to go!

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