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Top 10 Bollywood Movies 2018

Here is a small list of Bollywood movies which is set to release this year. We are as excited as you all are to watch these movies. 2.0 (film) This sci-fi movie is directed by S.Shankar. It is a sequel to a Tamil film, Enthiran. It is said to be most expensive Indian Movie till date with the budget of around INR 450 Crore ($70 million). You can expect the release of 2.0 around April this year. It might release in 15 different Indian Languages. Along with Rajnikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy…

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Is Nepotism Killing The Quality Of Bollywood Movies?

While talking about Nepotism in Bollywood it is hard not to mention about the recent Kangana –Karan controversy which is still going on. Much has been said since then, but nothing has been done (and nothing will be done). Talented actors usually end up getting supporting roles in Bollywood Industry. This is the main reason behind all the recent discussion on Nepotism. The kids of big celebrities start getting lead roles in Bollywood films without even having any acting talent. – Sneha Lodha When the outspoken actress spoke against Karan Johar…

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Love Story

“There’s Nothing to Hide” – Varun Dhawan on His Relationship With Natasha

Varun Dhawan celebrated his 30th birthday tomorrow. He has gained a huge fan following within 5 years because of his acting. Media people always complain to him for not discussing his love life while talking about his parents and co-stars. His dad, director David Dhawan, is the one who always pushes him to put his professional life before personal life always because of his experience in this industry. Varun Dhawan walking hand in hand with Natasha Dalal Source However, we all have seen a number of times he was captured in…

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Dishoom Movie Review

“Dishoom” is a standout among the recent fast-paced Bollywood bromances. Also, a truly cool one. With John Abraham (strong and tough he-man type) and Varun Dhawan (reliable) paired together, director Rohit Dhawan can’t turn out badly. In addition, there is cricket which as we know is religion in India. So what happens when Virat, anecdotally modified to Viraj, is seized by a mean cash machine named Wagah (presumably on the grounds that he lives in a No Man’s La Land) who has a pooch named Bradman (and most likely a…

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