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10 Bollywood Comedy Movies Everyone Must Watch

Every genre attracts a different set of audience. However, the success of any movie depends not only on the story but on various other factors like acting, cinematography, casting, and music. The most difficult genre for directors and actor is a comedy because any old funny situation or dialogue may not keep the audience rib-tickling and entertained. This is the reason most comedy films tank at the box office. Only some comedy movies prove to be sure-shot successes. Here are top 10 Bollywood Comedy Movies everyone must watch: 1. Gol…

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Priyanka Chopra To Start a New Venture – Big Surprise

Priyanka Chopra got success in every step of her life because she has always striven to become better. She hones her talent and always tries to evolve as an actress. Aitraaz movie was a turning point in her career and she received great reviews from the critics. The people who saw the movie Aitraaz know that she brilliantly played the role and it was one of her best performances in Bollywood.When all her contemporaries were only capable of walking the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival, she made a history by…

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Bahubali 2 Box Office Collection of 1st Day

Most awaited film of the year, Bahubali 2, finally released today. It got a great opening with huge response as was expected. The interest among the audience for this type of film is new for Indian filmmakers. The interest level is obviously high because our audience is tired of seeing same rom-com and action films with similar actors and actresses. You can also thank Indian media for the huge amount of buzz surrounding this particular film. ‏ Reportedly, Bahubali 2 collected around 18 crores on the first day itself. It…

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Trailer of Amitabh starer movie “Pink” was revealed today

The trailer of Amitabh Bachchan starer movie “Pink” was revealed today. Coordinated by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, Pink appears to rotate around a lady’s battle for equity. The trailer indicates that the entire story spins around the narrative of three women involved in a wrongdoing. Amitabh Bachchan in the part of a legal adviser, who continues testing Taapse Pannu with provocative inquiries. The trailer’s run-time is 2.26 moment long. There are qualities of a wrongdoing that has occurred, for which Taapse is taken under police control and is submitted to the court.…

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