Top 4 Bollywood Movie That Shows Nepotism

Bollywood Industry won’t agree that nepotism exists, however, it always gives endless chances to the star kids to make a career. Some of them learn the skill over time, however, most of them are just not born for an acting career. Obviously, there are movies which can be watched a million times, like the movie Kaho Naa.. Pyaar Hai. However, there are also movies which you can’t watch even a single time, like the movie Krrish 3. In these movies, the directors try to make a film based on the…

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Priyanka Chopra To Start a New Venture – Big Surprise

Priyanka Chopra got success in every step of her life because she has always striven to become better. She hones her talent and always tries to evolve as an actress. Aitraaz movie was a turning point in her career and she received great reviews from the critics. The people who saw the movie Aitraaz know that she brilliantly played the role and it was one of her best performances in Bollywood.When all her contemporaries were only capable of walking the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival, she made a history by…

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Dress and Hairstyle

Tips To Help You In Choosing Right Eyebrows For Round Face

Eyebrows are an essential part of your face. Their look and shape can affect your appearance. Of course, you can shape your eyebrows the way you wish while remembering your face shape. For round faces, there is an absence of angles on the face, which makes it appear broader than normal, and the chin is somewhat rounded off. They additionally look fuller and fatter but this can be corrected with the assistance of a few tips and tricks. Here we talk about some eyebrow shapes that would look incredible without…

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