What is a Bunion? Symptoms and Causes of Bunion

You might notice a bony bump outside your foot. It usually looks a turnip, red and swollen. Thus, it is known as a bunion. Women who wear high heels often complain bunions which involves joint pain. You should avoid wearing high heels and tight shoes.

Most people don’t take bunions seriously. However, when you leave it untreated, it can leave a serious scar on your foot accompanied by pain.

What is a Bunion?

A bunion is also known as hallux valgus. It can make the base joint of your toes to turn big and stick out. Generally, tight shoes and too much pressure on toes can lead to abnormalities in the position of the joint in your big toes.

You should avoid putting lots of pressure on your toes and you should wear a bit loose shoes. You should also avoid repetitive movement which can enlarge or distort the joint connecting the foot with the big toes. It can additionally result in the bony bum, pain, and swelling. Not only bony bunion takes a lot of time to appear, it can also cause more pain with time.

What are the initials signs of a bunion?

  • Your toe will uncommonly turn inward.
  • The outer edge will become puffy.
  • Your foot will look red.

    Before you see these symptoms, you will realize that you are having a problem in standing due to enormous pain.

    Anyone can develop bunions. However, women face it more often because they wear a huge variety of shoes and heels which can harm their foot. For instance, high heels not only restricts the blood flow but also squeezes your toes.

When you wear such type of heels regularly, it will result in pulling the joint out of a position of the toe. Then, you will notice a scar and pain which might cause unusual positioning of the feet.

People usually ignore bunion because it starts out small. However, what they don’t realize is that the problem keeps growing with time when you don’t take any precaution. Plus, the larger the bunion, the more pain you will feel while walking normally.

According to various health experts, you should seek professional help immediately when you notice bunion because early treatment will result in the best solution. You should not leave it as it is thinking it will heal on its own because it will further complicate the situation.

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  1. Oh shame, my Ouma had bunions and she always said it was sooooo incredibly sore. And they did look painful, but I think in those days it was fashionable to wear really tight shoes without realizing how bad it could be for your feet

  2. This was interesting because I never knew what they were before this. I have never had one but I also never wear heels. Tennis shoes and flip flops are my choice…

  3. This was really interesting. I have heard of bunions before and vaguely knew what they were but I never knew what caused them.

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