Sunny Leone Adopted a Baby – Sunny And Daniel’s Love Story

Indo Canadian Actress Sunny Leone wooed billions when she featured in songs like a baby doll, pink lips etc. While people still are unaware of her handsome husband. It is not one of those typical love stories where everything was so jolly. Despite making numerous presence with his lady love people are still not aware of Daniel Weber. He also belonged to the same industry to which his wife belonged, in fact, both of them have featured in together a number of times. The time where a lot of Bollywood couples are getting divorced, both Sunny and Daniel’s love is blossoming by each passing day.

Despite having such a past, both share a very loving bond and are head over heels in love with each other. Let me tell you guys that it was not an easy task for Daniel to convince Sunny that they both had the potential for a long relationship. Daniel told how it took him 6 weeks to persuade the bold and beautiful actress to go out with him. Sunny deliberately delayed her meeting with Daniel and thought that he would reject her, although he changed her thinking by sending 24 roses to her hotel room.

They are not only a couple but also business partners. Both Sunny and Daniel started SunLust pictures in 2009 as a joint venture and Daniel looks after all the business matters. In many interviews with the media, it was evident that there is immense love between both of them and unlike most of the couples Sunny and Daniel don’t have trust issues. They say that they never go to bed angry and according to them that is the best part about their relationship.

Sunny became a popular face in the country when she came for a reality show in India. That actually kick started her career here in Bollywood. After that, there was no looking back. Daniel and sunny both sit together to read a script and Sunny only signs a film after Daniel approves it. Isn’t that adorable? They have always stood by each other no matter what the situation was, many times it has been seen that how beautifully Daniel comes to Sunny’s rescue whenever she finds herself in any controversy.

Although both of them are very busy with their work and all they anyhow manage to spend time with each other, they believe it is very necessary for a healthy relationship. The sultry actress is very active on her social networking where she keeps on posting their hot pictures. Recently both of them have adopted a beautiful girl child and feel really happy about it. They named their daughter as Nisha Kaur Weber and adopted her from an orphanage in Latur, Maharashtra. It is a different feeling for the couple.

This story is special in itself as initially, Sunny wanted to avoid Weber as she was not interested in him but the latter is happy now and feels that she is very lucky to find such a man for her. We wish the couple many more years of love and togetherness and may their bond gets stronger with each passing day.

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