How to Start and Plan Successful Webinar To Get Business Leads

Want to promote your business all over the world but have limited funds? Webinar saves money and you can easily provide more services to your audience.

You can use webinars for promoting a program, new product, service, or sharing information about a training. Various tools hosting a webinar easy for any organization. You can host it even with limited technical expertise. Below, we are sharing with you some of the most important steps you should take to host amazing, affordable webinars for your company.

  1. Find Out Whether Webinars Are Right Tool To Engage With Your Particular Target Audience.

A webinar is a powerful marketing tool. However, it won’t be useful for everyone as you might be running a business which doesn’t require such kind of marketing.

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For instance, the webinars can give you great result if you are trying to reach a young generation with training programs. But, if you are trying to sell a jewelry or clothes online, this tool will be a waste time (doesn’t matter how creatively you offer your content).

Thus, before using any marketing tool, you must find out your own goals and if your target audience will get attracted through it or not. So the most important step is to consider your subject and audience.

Choose an appropriate time for the webinars based on your target audience. Depending on the topic and reason you should complete it within 30 minutes to 2 hours. Most people will discontinue watching long videos. Also, keep it interesting. You must take the consultation of someone who is in the same field before planning the webinars.

Practice a webinar session with some of your employees, if you are not sure whether it will work or not.
Make your webinars available for everyone to collect leads.

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2. Start Your Scheduled Webinars

It is easy to start a webinar at a scheduled time in different ways. Note: you can start your practice session uncountable times.

3. Starting a webinar session from the web

  • Log in to an online account.
  • Select the session and click “start” on the webinars page. The desktop app of the webinars will start downloading automatically. You will be launched into the webinars session.

4. Starting a webinar session from the desktop

If you have previously downloaded the desktop app, open the app to start your session.

Accessing webinar menu (desktop app)

If it isn’t running, find and open the app on your laptop.

5. Starting a webinar session from URL (you received to join it)

You might have received URL in an email reminder. Click it or copy paste it into the browser. The session will automatically launch.

Webinar’s Features

Here is a complete list of features you should find in a session.

  • HDFaces video conferencing
  • Mobile Attendance
  • Automated Email Templates
  • Customized Branding
  • Full-Service Registration
  • Unlimited Audio
  • Pre-Webinar Practice Sessions: You can practice to check audio and video quality and get an experience of the session before the actual time.
  • Webinar Dashboard and Reports: You can additionally check the reports as well as access the dashboard.
  • Desktop or Application Sharing
  • Change Presenters or Panelists
  • Polling & Survey
  • Question & Answer Window
  • Desktop Recording (Playback)
  • Automated Follow-Up Emails
  • Mac Support
  • Security

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  1. I’ve been considering using webinars that I could also share to LinkedIn’s new native video feature. Do you have more information on good apps for setting them up or recording for using again later?

  2. These are some great tips to make a perfect webinar for our business. I will share this with my friends who own a business.

  3. I have always wanted to host webinars, but I dont have the time! I would keep your tips in mind, though, they might come in handy some day!

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