Sarrainodu review: An exclusive show by Allu Arjun

Sarrainodu has two pretty courageous women, Catherine Tresa, and Rakul Preet Singh. The earlier glams up the primary half and the later assumes responsibility post interim. It is clear that the director has attempted to a degree to make their parts somewhat applicable to the story.

Sarrainodu, which is just about the legend, could have done well and easily without them.

As usual, Allu Arjun is getting it done. Not just amid the action scenes, the actor also scores in the lighter parts of the movies. Furthermore, it is a treat to watch this person in action. He is inescapable in the film. Regardless of the possibility that there is a scene without him, it will be about him. However, you are not tired of this person.

Director: Boyapati Srinu
Cast: Allu Arjun, Rakul Preet Singh, Aadhi, Catherine Tresa,
Ratings: (3/5)

One doesn’t go to movies like Sarrainodu for a splendid story. You go for the legend and those “huge” minutes where you see the saint turning into the superhero. These are movies made to take into account the audience, who, independent of the film’s quality, watch on the release day of their star’s movie during Diwali. But, does Sarrainodu serve them well? Yes, yet it is an overdose of everything.

Nowadays, more than legends, villains are made to look more polished and tough. When the film begins, we are acquainted with one such villain, Vairam Dhanush (played by Aadhi). Dhanush, child of the state’s CM, is the encapsulation of malevolence. He is an area shark who will persevere relentlessly to get what he needs. We have our indestructible, honest legend (it is reasonable to call him the superhero) Gana, played by Allu Arjun. They both run into each other, and the result is the core of the story.

Director Boyapati Srinu has not cared at all about widespread laws like gravity.

Villains and cars continue flying and passing on all through the film in those randomly put battle successions. Leave the rationale resisting battle scenes, even the story is not anyplace near anything legitimate. Allu Arjun slaughters some unusual buddy at a gathering and nobody fluttered an eyelid.

These are the shocking mistakes that make you continue checking the time over the span of the film.

S Thaman’s tunes are neither exhausting nor critical. You stay situated amid the songs. They have all to do with those two pretty courageous women and the bright casings by cinematographer Rishi Punjabi.

The comic drama groupings help a much measure to go through the 2-hour-40-minute film. Vidyullekha, who assumes the part of the little girl in-law from Tamil Nadu, airs out you all through. The inescapable Brahmanandam is additionally in participation and in his customary toll.

Boyapati Srinu has worked for the making of those “mass” scenes and battles. If just he would have thought about to the story and the screenplay, Sarrainodu would have been a right film as well.

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