Rejection is Good Thing To Experience in Life

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“Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.” By Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience.

Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Gates, Meryl Streep, and J.K Rowling have one thing in common- they all have faced rejection in their lives. What if they took the rejection seriously and quit whatever they did? We wouldn’t have our freedom, Microsoft, Sophie’s Choice, and Harry Potter and no one can imagine a world without Harry Potter. We should thank them for not quitting and making a world a better place to live and inspiring millions by doing what they do.

Obviously, any kind of rejection makes a person feel worthless, but when it happens you have only two choices, you mop and whine about how life is unfair and blame others or you remain positive and believe in the fact “it happened because I deserve better” and you will get better if you stay positive. To stay positive and take rejection in a good stride you need to understand why rejection is good.

Let’s begin by taking “it happened because I deserve better” seriously. As much as it sounds like the most used clichéd quote, if you actually believe in it and keep repeating it to yourself, you will set a higher goal for yourself, with hard work and focus there is nothing that can’t be achieved. Remember when your idea gets rejected by your boss don’t give up on it, instead find out why was it rejected and accordingly make it better. Once you achieve the higher goal then you will think “Yup that happened because I deserved better.” It will soon become your mantra to deal with rejection.

We, humans, have a tendency to take a “No” too seriously. “My boss didn’t accept my design or some xyz publishing house rejected my book, I am never writing a book again or I am backing out from the project” this is the reaction we give, instead of asking WHY. How will you improve yourself if people start accepting you just to make you happy? Remember one thing, with rejection, also comes room for improvement.

Another reason why rejection is good, it keeps you grounded. No one has ever gained by being overconfident in fact an overconfident person falls flat on the face on their first-time failure. A person who has faced rejection knows the importance of what they have in head and doesn’t take it for granted and if for some reason he/she faces rejection again, that person will be stronger, unlike the frail overconfident person.

Besides the above, you become a stronger person with resilience. So if you do not get accepted to your desired college or the boy next door reject your affection that doesn’t mean that’s the end of the world it’s because you deserve better.

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