Reasons Why Buying a Designer Bag is a Worthwhile Investment

Are you one of those people that take the time to save up for a luxury designer bag? Do you get excited at the thought of the arrival of your dream handbag? Shop the best selection of luxury consignment Vancouver  storeswith Luxury Mavins, and SAVE!

If you’re anything like use saving money gets you excited.  What could be better then a pre-loved Chanel bag at half of the retail price?Buying that designer bag is about much more than how great it looks and makes you feel.  If you shop smart and pick the right bag It can be a great investment and worth every dollar spent on it for various reasons.

They’re durable :-  If you’ve spent years carrying around low quality vinyl purses just to save some dollars, you’ve probably not realized that you may actually have spent more as a result. While you’ll only spend a couple of dollars ($30 or $40) on that cheap bag, it will only last you a few months. You could easily spend up to $400 a year purchasing and replacing your cheap bags.

On the other hand, high-quality designer bags last a long time. They can take quite a beating and still come out looking new. The seams won’t split open and the threads won’t break. Your designer bag will be looking great years after  therepurchased, and you won’t be thinking of finding a replacement any time soon. You could spend $600 on a designer bag and use it for several years without having to replace it. You’ll therefore save a lot of money in the long run with a designer bag.

They can be repaired :-  In the event that your bag does succumb to wear, you can always have it repaired. These bags are made with real leather. This means that they can be fixed much the same way that shoes can be fixed. In many cases, the repair is cost effective and can often be taken back to a retail flagship store.

It will have good re-sale value :-  Do you want to buy another designer bag and don’t think you’ll have much use for your old bag? You can always sell your bag. There is a large market for second hand designer bags as are always high in demand. If your bag is in good condition, you can resell it at a great price.

Great customer service :-  One of the best things about investing in a designer bag is the customer service that is offered by sellers. Unlike with cheaper bags, sellers of designer bags provide great customer service. If you’re experiencing problems with your bag, you can always contact them and get the assistance you need.

Get A Designer Bag At A Great price

Buying a designer bag is a dream for many. Many people simply don’t have the money to spend on these items. However, you don’t always have to pay full price to get your hands on a designer bag. You can get a quality bag in various ways.

  • Directly from the designer :-  Some brands have sales that you can take advantage of. Buying directly from the designer can help you save money, especially if you take advantage of discounts they offer every once in a while. You may consider signing up on their websites to keep up to date with the latest offers.
  • Online stores :-  There are various online stores that offer high-quality designer bags at great prices. Some of these online stores even offer second hand designer bags. Keep track of discounts, sales and other promotions if you want to get a great deal on designer bags.


It is important to check reviews and be sure that you’re purchasing your bag from a reputable seller. Read the terms and conditions of purchase and pay special attention to their return policy.

You can’t go wrong with a designer bag. You simply need to ensure that what you purchase is high quality and authentic.


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