Are You Ready To Publish Your WordPress Website?

WordPress website newskira theme

You must find out whether you need or before publishing the website. Although, like many people, you will think that there is not any major difference in the two platforms, here’s the fact: there is.

Undoubtedly, is the most popular platform for bloggers around the world. And is equally popular and beneficial.

The thing is both platforms comes with different functionality and are designed for people with different requirements. Thus, you need understand what is being offered to choose a platform based on your goals.

First, let us give you an introduction to

Almost all types of websites can be hosted on platform. Back in 2005, WordPress opened its gate, however, only limited for users who were invited to use their service. Currently, there are millions of posts published on WordPress platform all over the World.

You can create an account on this platform and choose a theme and plan based on your requirement. Its built-in functionality will help you create blogs and make them visible to your readers.

Bloggers will get more advanced features in different plans which might sound costly to a newbie, however, you should choose those plans after using WordPress for some time (if you want to gain traffic or money through your website). You can switch plans whenever you want.

You can use server space in all the plans offered by Thus, it is also known as one of the best-hosted platforms. Almost every hosting service provides the same model, however, is considered better because of all the features offered on a single platform.

What we mean here is that even if you are not technically gifted you can create an awesome looking website and monetize it as per your needs. Plus, you don’t have to search for plugins elsewhere, everything is included in 🙂

Blog posts can be created in seconds. Just choose a proper theme and important plugins. Remember you need premium plans for more features. You might not have to get it for the simple blog. However, if you are trying to create an online store, it will be better if you choose premium themes and plugins.

While you can simply start using various services in, you need to manually sign up to a provider, link a domain and install the software in another WordPress. Thus, the latter is known as self-hosted one.

Now you might be thinking that is better as you don’t have to do much, but what you must realize is that in self-hosted you can use lot more features. So if you want to use all the features, you should choose self-hosted one.

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