Tips To Protect Skin, Hair and Eye While Playing With Colors

The colors accessible in market sectors might contain synthetic colors, acids, mica, glass powder and hazardous salts, which can bring about skin aggravation, rankles, chipping and other harm.

Use common colors and avoid the use of unsafe ones amid Holi festivities to keep diseases from spoiling merry spirits, say specialists.

“Individuals who use colors regularly are at higher risk of coming across diseases like conjunctivitis, visual impedance, asthma and fierce skin responses. A percentage of the colors are exceedingly harmful and can even bring about the tumor,” said Dr. Vikas Goswami, senior counseling oncologist at Fortis Hospital.

The colors likewise cause corneal harm. “Consistently more than 1,000 individuals go to the crisis ward upon the arrival of Holi with problems of eye injury. Numerous complain about eye disturbance brought on by the chemicals in the hues,” said Dr. Harbansh Lal, senior advisor of ophthalmology at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

1. Before playing Holi

Apply oil slowly on your hair and skin, particularly behind the ears, on the ears and nails and different regions where hues can settle effortlessly.

“Dry skin permits the chemicals to infiltrate effortlessly, so the oil is defensive. Apply it and leave it one hour before you go out to play. Use coconut oil, Vitamin E oil or olive oil for the body, and mustard oil for hair,” said dermatologist Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj.

2. While in the sun

Specialists highlight the significance of staying hydrated while out in the sun. If you get hurt, quit playing with hues promptly, they said. “If you get something in the eye, don’t rub it. Wash it instantly, ideally with refined water, yet tap water will likewise do. If vision is hazy, ensure you go to a near crisis ward,” said Dr. Lal.

Specialists additionally recommended wearing garments that cover every part of the body. Doctors focused on the significance of applying a sunscreen. “Utilize a gel-based sunscreen as it should be waterproof. Anything above SPF 26 ought to be great,” said Dr. Shehla Agarwal, chief, Mehak Skin Clinic.

Dr. Agarwal exhorted applying it 30 minutes before going out to play and reapplying if you are out in the sun for over 3 hours.

Doctors Suggest

“Stay away from some fabrics, for example, denim that doesn’t dry effectively. Try not to stay in wet garments for over 2 hours,” said Dr. Agarwal.

Additionally, ensure you wear glasses to secure your eyes. It is additionally vital to cover any open injury with a waterproof band-aid so chemicals don’t enter the body, specialists said.

They likewise exhorted utilizing colors that can be taken off effectively. Red and pink colors can be removed effortlessly, so attempt to stick to them. The pompous ones, for example, purple, green and orange contain more hurtful chemicals. If compelled to apply perpetual colors or oil, ensure it is applied to a secured part of the body. Abstain from getting it all over, said Dr. Bhardwaj.

3. Removing the colors

Try not to begin with scouring to get the colors off, they said. “Wipe your face first to get the gulal off. Use chemicals to evacuate the hues that are still in the face,” said Dr. Agarwal. Stand under running water for 5-10 minutes to evacuate any shading which can be washed away before applying fluid cleanser delicately, said Dr. Bhardwaj.

Abstain from utilizing lamp oil, petrol and spirits to remove stains, as they will dry the skin. Use home cures rather – apply lemon juice over the shading patches; utilize a blend of curd and sandalwood or turmeric with flour.
Wash hair with a mellow cleanser till hair feels clean. Remember to profound condition, said specialists.

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