Movie Review- Meera Jakirathai

A visual correspondence student embarks to follow the strange story behind a scandalous extension with his friends and winds up with fascinating disclosures.

The creators of Meera Jakirathai ought to thank the late contention including Bobby Simhaa, without which the film would have barely collected any consideration from moviegoers. Simhaa had charged that the team shot the film as a little scale creation without the aim of making it an element film. Actually, any person who watches this film will need to agree with him.

Actors:Monica, ‘Lollu Sabha’ Swaminathan, Bobby Simhaa, Krishnamoorthy
DURATION:1 hour 51 minutes
The film opens with a basic, incapable foundation shot of a scaffold (called ‘Kayaar paalam’), which has picked up a reputation, inferable from a progression of frightening passings happening close it. Interested by this, a visual correspondence student arrangements to make a short film on the same, and structures a gathering of four. The ‘excited four’ set out to accumulate data about this extension, said to be some place on the Chennai-Puducherry street. They become acquainted with that an extraordinary force/phantom is behind the unsolved homicides.

Later, it is comprehended that the perplexing murders happen as a component of avenging the fierce bad form done to the person who is the phantom. In this way, the film joins the umpteen quantities of movies which have endeavored this done-to-death equation. The wrongdoings of Sivanesan (Bobby Simhaa) and his arrangement of friends lead to his own particular relative getting controlled by the underhanded soul. How the phantom unleashes its retribution and what precisely turns into the main impetus for it, is for the viewers to watch… be that as it may, just if they have the persistence to sit through this difficulty.

Monica, who (evidently) plays the female lead in the film, comes just in the second half and is able in her brief part of a young woman why should prepare steal away with her darling. ‘Lollu Sabha’ Swaminathan, who has been conveyed on board for two scenes to give lighthearted element, doesn’t succeed, however, the flaw doesn’t lie with him. Altering by Shyjith Kumaran is irritating in the greater part of the scenes, and one discovers it truly difficult to watch the film till the end in spite of it’s under two-hour length. The less we discuss the music by Raja the better. The performers, generally debutants, are unremarkable; to be reasonable to them, they have no extension to do anything. The unconvincing peak combined with an insight around a spin-off just rubs salt into our injuries.

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