Every Journalist Should Know Mass Communication Theories

Here are top 4 theories which you will come across while studying journalism and mass communication.

1. Shannon and Weaver model of communication

In simple words, this is a theory written by a mathematician and a scientist. They explained how a message is encoded by the sender through a medium and that message is decoded by the receiver. For example, suppose I am the sender and I am encoding this message using my Gmail account (medium). Now, you are the receiver who will decode this message based on your situation.

Remember, the encoded message might be decoded wrongly. For instance, if I use a phone call to send my message, you might not be able to decode my message properly due to noise or any other problem. So encoding means what the sender is actually sending and decoding means what the receiver end up understanding.

2. Gatekeeping in the 21st century

In simple words, a reporter or journalist has to decide which news is important based on various factors. He or she also decide that which news source is more trustworthy. They also decide the time it should be shown on TV or the page and location it will be shown on a newspaper just like our mom decide which food should be included in breakfast and dinner.

3. Convergence and divergence in media

The description varies from person to person. However, in simple words, it is a theory about the changes media and journalist have faced over the years due to development of technologies. Here, ‘convergence’ means the imagination and the word ‘divergence’ here means the market.

4. Media the watchdog of our society

In simple words, a watchdog keeps an eye on all the activities of other people and inform the same to everyone using his communication skills whenever he finds any wrongdoing or strange activity. In the same way, a journalist keeps an eye on everyone’s activity and inform the viewers or readers whenever he/she find any wrongdoing or any important fact.

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