Mars in Capricorn has Great Personality

Mars in Capricorn is systematic and wants to have control of their life. They work calmly to become secure. They set their aims and focus on accomplishing them. Capricorn Mars people are a bit boring but inspiring and motivating. They are willing to work hard to succeed, even if takes lots of time.

{Mars is a planet of action and Capricorn is a sign indicating hardworking, honest and unemotional}

When Capricorn Mars is irate, it is a practical, cool kind of outrage. They are materialistic. Mars in Capricorn set realistic goals. Capricorn Mars is honest and reliable. They are determined and careful workers. They want status and acknowledgment for their work.

Mars in Capricorn people are down to earth and can make a profit from almost anything they put in their brains. They don’t easily accept new thoughts and it is difficult for them to leave old way of doing things. They can be great critics as they are honest and practical.

Mars in Capricorn has a great personality and romantic heart hidden behind their cold face. It is difficult for them to let this side appear. When they show you their real side, you will love it.

{Mars shows our passion. Capricorn sign represents status, fame, and reputation}

Traditional and clear, they give a lot to their partner and expect the same in return. They don’t explore different avenues of new rules. Mars in Capricorn is really looking for a long term relationship both in their personal and professional life. When they are focusing on their career, they can completely ignore their sexual desires completely.

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