Mars in Cancer can be Manipulative and Clever

Mars in Cancer people can be powerful. They like to feel secure before they agree to do something. They will do things with proper planning. These people can be manipulative and clever. They can be aggressive, however, they are helpful, reliable and defensive for those they love. They like to work all alone where they are in control. Cancer Mars may change their work or even their aims to seek after security.

{Mars is a planet of action and Cancer is a sign indicating protection and security}

Mars in Cancer is imaginative. They are aware of their own and other people’s wishes and desires. They have a great memory, and they like to complete their work. Mars in Cancer people will show their creativity where they don’t have to make a compromise with their security. These people search for true love. Their partner should be emotional and friendly. They will always try to satisfy their partner. They won’t share their desires; expect that their partner will understand.

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