Lowering AC Bills: What Can You Do About It?

ac bills

With the ever-increasing everyday expenses, it’s not unnatural to wish to reduce the electricity expenses. While most of the consumptions are unavoidable, lowering the AC bill is one of our common missions, and we often try to figure out how to do that smartly.

Many think that the best way to save on air conditioning would be to turn it off. But, that’s hardly an option in a place like Tampa. With consistently soaring temperature and high humidity throughout most of the year, it’s not advisable to turn your unit on and off repetitively as this will put additional pressure on your unit. On top of that, it will add up to the AC bill.

Thorough and regular maintenance is one of the key methods to keep your unit energy efficient and make it perform at the optimum level. Hence, it’s a good idea to get it serviced by a skilled professional. In Tampa, there are many AC service centers that you can easily access. Make it a point to get the unit thoroughly examined by a reliable service provider, at frequent intervals.

Few Hacks That Would Lower Your Monthly Electricity Bill

Change Filters as per the Schedule

A clogged air filter disturbs the airflow and causes a lot of stress on the unit. Be sure to change the filters as and when suggested by the manufacturer. This is important because when the filters get clogged, airborne particles and dirt might get stored in the ductwork, making the unit inefficient. You can yourself check the filters and clean those periodically to avoid major repair issues.

Close the Blinds

It’s true that all of us enjoy sunny mornings of summer after those bone-chilling winter days. But the case is not quite so if you are living in a state like Tampa or Clearwater. If your room has windows facing east or west, it might receive a lot of the afternoon heat.

The best way to deal with it is to keep the curtains closed. Be sure to place the thermostat in a strategic place that doesn’t receive a lot of heat. If the area is quickly warmed up, it might cause a false temperature reading which is greater than the original. This causes the unit work harder than required, leading to higher consumption. In case you’re not comfortable with keeping the curtains or blinds closed, consider installing window films or solar screens that can intercept almost up to 70 percent heat.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

When you are home and highly active, it’s logical to keep the air cool. But when you are away for more than 3 hours or asleep, it doesn’t make sense to cause the unit work hard to cool down the room.

A programmable thermostat is an efficient device that helps control the room temperature as per the requirement. Certain advance models allow you to control temperature using your smartphone. You can also find certain models that are smart enough to save your preferences, based on your settings, and thus, ensure efficient temperature monitoring.

If you seriously want to reduce the AC bill to a significant extent, follow these tips. To ensure proper maintenance, be sure to sign a contract with a trusted AC service agency in Tampa. It’s customary for most of the service providers to do a thorough checkup of the unit at frequent intervals so that the machine remains in a sound condition, and can ensure the best possible performance. Don’t forget to research local service providers before signing the deal.

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