Live Dealer Over a Computer in an Online Casino

It would be great if you can do gambling online while interacting with a dealer live. Right? Just like brick and mortar casino, you can chat with the dealer live in online casino also.

Live Online Casino

All you need to do is play the way you always do in online casinos. However, this time a real human will be dealing with your cards and spin the wheel instead of a computer program. You can also see and hear the dealer because of the studio’s webcam. The dealer is commonly an attractive woman. Players can rarely interact with each other and the dealer through their webcam.

For now, there are not many choices when it comes to choosing live casinos. Live casinos have recently entered. Some of the well-known casinos are BlackDiamond and BetOnline casino. BetOnline is a reputed casino and has been around for ages.

When it comes to playing live dealer games, there are some pros and cons when compared other online casino games. You have to make certain adjustments when choosing your preferred games.

Advantages of Playing Live Dealer Online Casino Games

1. Ambiance of playing at a land-based casino

However, it will depend on the live dealer casino. Some dealer games are set up in real casinos. Hence, you can hear or see activity through the webcam. Whether it will be distracting or fun depends on the player and the noise. However, they will usually remove background activities and distract noises. Some online casinos may try to recreate real casino’s atmosphere.

2. Dealers are really gorgeous

This is one of the reasons people like real casinos over an online one. The casinos try to hire the most good looking woman to work as a live casino dealer. Plus, their dress code is different than real casinos. Players can rarely choose the dealers they like.

3. You can trust on Human dealers over Computer programs

Most players are suspicious of the technology. Plus, there is a reason. There are many casinos which are scamming people. It will be really difficult to prove that the game was manipulated. Hence, you cannot reclaim money while dealing with technology.

The live casino can solve your problem because you are dealing with a human. There is a recorded video footage of your every game. Thus, you can replay it when required to check what happened.

4. There is usually more support

In other online casinos, to solve any problem you have to send an email or call customer care service or a live chat window. You also have to wait for weeks to receive any reply. And, they solve the issue by saying “technical error.” You can go further to check their terms and conditions where they have clearly mentioned that they are not responsible for anything legally.

On the other hand, when you have a dispute with live casino dealer, you can take help from live pit boss. This person will handle your issue just like done in real casinos. When you deal with someone face to face, they are more likely to take you seriously.

Disadvantages of Playing Live Dealer Online Casino Games

1. There are not many reputable sites and games to play.
2. The dealers will distract you from winning the game.

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