Keno Winning Tips: How to Win at Keno

Keno is a well-known offline and online casino game. Just like the lottery, it gained its popularity when people received hefty payouts and huge jackpots. Keno players bet on the selected numbers from 1-80. Their chosen number must come up randomly in the game. You must be aware of rules of casino games before you start playing. Winning can be slow. You must have the patience to stay in the game for various rounds.

The players can pick 20 numbers. They have to mark the same on their card. Players get a better payout in online casinos compared to land-based casinos. However, still, the fact is that to win any game you need a better strategy and some luck. Although, there is no strategy which guarantees your winning chances, there are online casino tips which can definitely improve your chances of winning fast-paced Keno game.

  1. Find casino with better payout

Every website has to publish this information due to some laws. Visit their website to check the payout percentages of the casino.

  1. Play Keno for Free First

Most of the online casinos provide the players an option of the free trail. As a new player, you need some time to practice and understand the game. You need to know a working strategy before you play money. Once you have understood the game and are certain, you can play with real money. You can start betting with as low as $1. Increase your bets, if you are getting good payouts.

  1. Avoid picking too many numbers

Players should not pick more than 5 or 6 numbers. It is one of the best online casino tips. The new players usually end up picking more than 10 numbers. They think that it will improve their winning chances. However, it doesn’t work that way. By choosing 5 or 6 numbers, you can maximize your winning chances.

  1. Always pick your lucky numbers

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your birth date or any number which you like, just pick those numbers. The best online keno tip for you is stick with those numbers for as long as you play Keno. Although it isn’t scientifically proven strategy, most players who won huge jackpots have shared this tip.

  1. Pick consecutive numbers

Choosing just a few numbers from the board, won’t be an easy work. However, when you choose one number, you can also pick the consecutive numbers. The players, who have ever witnessed any lottery, bingo or keno game, know that how often consecutive numbers come. Hence, this is one of the best online casino tips. You should also check patterns while participating in any casino game. It is a strategy to check the fairness of the game.

  1. Use multi-race cards

Most of the online casinos provide multi-race cards to the players of keno. With multi-cards cards, you are able to pick numbers only once. You have to use the virtual keno ticket for a number of games. Hence, it saves your time, particularly when you already have lucky numbers in your mind.

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