Inherited a Home You Don’t Need? Sell it for as Large of a Profit as You Possibly Can

Inherited a Home

When you inherit a home that you don’t need, it can be hard to know what to do with it. There are some people who want to keep the home in the family and others who simply want to have it off their hands. If you have decided that you want to sell your home, it’s important to make sure that you take the right steps to make the process go as smoothly as it possibly can.

There are many times when feuds occur because some family members want the houses to stay in the family for generations. It’s best to discuss the plan to sell the house with your family before you put it on the market; you don’t want to cause a family fight over the sale of the house. Being upfront and honest with your family could save a lot of heartache in the end. The guide that follows provides you with a few quick tips to use to ensure that your inherited home sells quickly and for as much profit as possible.

Clean Out the House

The first thing you need to do is remove everything from the house. Go through the items yourself to see which items the treasured family heirlooms are, and which items are things that your family doesn’t need to keep.

Assess the condition of the items and consider donating anything that’s in good condition to a local charity. Many charities will send a truck to your house to pick up everything so that you do not have to worry about making the trip on your own.

This can be a great way to get rid of bulky furniture that you don’t need for free. You won’t have to hire movers and you’ll be able to help out other people at the same time. When you donate to a charity, be sure to get a receipt for the donation so that you can write it off your taxes when tax time arrives.

Have the Home Inspected

After the house has been completely cleaned out, have a home inspector come to the house to make sure that it’s in good condition. If you didn’t live in the house, there’s a good chance that you don’t know if there are any issues within it. The inspector will be able to pinpoint issues with the house that need to be addressed before you put it on the market.

Hire a Contractor

Once you know what’s wrong with the house, you can hire a contractor to do all of the repairs for you. Be sure to talk to the contractor about all the options that are available to you because there are often multiple ways to accomplish a task. Some options will be costlier than others and know what the options allow you to make an informed decision.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

While the contractors are making repairs on the house, you should hire a real estate agent to help you sell it. The agent will come to the house and look at it. He or she may be able to provide you with ideas of improvements that the contractors can do while they’re in the house to increase the home’s value. The more valuable the house is, the more you can sell it for in the end.

Taking down walls, updating flooring, and even simply replacing appliances are affordable changes that can be made into a house that greatly increase their value. The agent will also be able to give you tips on changes that may not be worth making so that you don’t waste your money on any home updates that won’t help you to get more for the house when you sell it.

The agent will oversee the listing and the marketing of the house. They’ll find out what comparable houses in the area have sold for recently so that you can determine how much you should list the house for when you try to sell it. The agent will have the house fully assessed so that they know what the house is worth, once the repairs and improvements have been completed.

Hire Professional Cleaners to Clean the House

After the repairs are made, hire a professional cleaning company to come and clean the house from top to bottom. They will be able to remove dust from the attic, grime from between tiles, and make the house sparkle. There are many times when simply scrubbing an older home thoroughly can greatly improve the overall look of the house.

Have the Home Professionally Staged

There are some people who think that keeping their home, empty is the best option when they start to show it, but this is not always the case. There are many times when proper staging can really make a home sell quickly because it helps potential buyers better imagine what could be done to the home.

Hiring a professional staging company is the best option because they take the time to place the perfect furniture in the exact right space throughout the room. They’ll be able to decorate everything so that the rooms look as spacious as they possibly can.

The furniture is only rented, so you don’t have to move it or store it after the home sells. The company will come back and pick up the furniture for you so that the house is completely empty when you hand it over to the new owners.

Power Wash the Exterior of the House

Having the exterior of a house repainted or resided can be quite expensive. Save money and have the exterior power washed instead. Power washing can make everything look brand new for a fraction of what it would have cost to replace everything. Have the siding, shutters, porch, and even deck power washed so that any dirt, debris, and grime can be removed to leave everything looking as great as possible.

Hire Landscapers to Landscape the Yard

The first thing that people will see when they come to the home is typically the front yard. It’s important to have the exterior look as great as it possibly can and having the right landscaping can make all the difference in the world.

Hire a professional landscaper to do the landscaping for you. They’ll know what plants thrive in the area where the house is located and will know where to position each plant so that they get the exact amount of sunlight that they need. The landscaper can take care of all the maintenance of the yard for you as well. This allows you to not have to worry about maintaining your own yard and the yard of the inherited house too.

Once the home is on the market, the real estate agent will be able to take care of everything else for you. He or she will be able to market the house, show it in open houses, and even handle every bit of the paperwork so that the only thing you have to be responsible for is signing the paperwork when everything is said and done.

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