Increase website traffic with simple tricks

Here we have shared some quick questions which you might be familiar with if you are waiting to get high traffic on your website. 

I work day and night to search various topics to write quality contents and publish it on my website? But still after doing so much hard work, why I don’t receive the desired traffic?
My website is not about an interesting industry which people will like to subscribe or visit on a daily basis. How can I select those topics which will relate to my industry and people will like to share it? I am unable to make my website rank on the first page for competitive keywords no matter how much interesting or engaging my content was. It is really annoying to see my competitors website rank above my website even after keeping my website up to date with contents. You often ask yourself these questions?

If you agree, then continue reading

From this article you will find out some simple tricks to get the website traffic you deserve.
I will like to inform you the fact that most SEO experts have guided you the complete opposite tricks of what you actually need to do to rank your website at the top.

Firstly, know that the SEO advice is same for everyone and you must follow its rules.
Secondly, you must find out the exact group of people who are interested in your products and services.
Thirdly, as you all must be aware of the fact that without keywords, search engine optimization is nothing. But most people use these keywords in a completely wrong manner. In order to research, they start to type a keyword in the Google keyword planner. But it is the worst way because by using this procedure you face two problems:
Problem 1: This process only find out those keywords which are very closely related to the keyword you have typed (SNAPSHOT + alt text). This exactly happens with your keywords, but you need those words which pop up in the head of your target audience while searching on Google.
You rarely find those Keywords that are closely related with your topic. And let me remind you that those keywords are the most profitable.
Problem 2: The biggest problem is that your competitor gets same set of keywords as you have got by using the Google keyword planner.
The Trick is to find right keywords and if you can find those awesome keywords for your website you will not only rank higher but also know through the keywords the needs of your customers better.

Tips to find exact word and phrases used by your target market 

So the first and obvious thing you need to do is to find out the niche markets in your industry, which is a small market segment of your bigger market. Suppose, you are active in the technology industry, but you as an individual working in such a huge industry surely do not have the time, money and resources to compete with the other big tech companies so you need to find a smaller sub-section. And this smaller sub-section is the place where you will find your niche.
In order to explain further, under the technology section, we’ve chosen the mobile gadgets.
But the mobile gadgets section is still huge, right? Because under mobile gadgets there are people who want to get mobile with a selfie stick, while others want keyboard, while others want all the latest features, etc.
The more you drill down to find your niche, the less competition you face with more demand for that information and products on sale.

When we go deeper we also find a more specific audience segment and more targeted group of people.
We have listed below some questions to help you to understand your audience segment.
When you sell your product or service, who do you think is your target, who do you think will get most interested (male or female)?
According to you, what is the age group of the interested consumers?
What are some of the location or country which will take more interest according to you?

Please don’t do the mistake of targeting all of them. Because if you commit that mistake, you will be writing articles to make it interesting for each one of them and your content and articles will end up appealing to no one.
After you have identified your audience segment, you need to check if your competitors are already providing your target audience with relevant products and services.
If a competitor has already started doing so then that’s a good sign. And if he is also running advertising campaigns to promote his services online then that’s a great sign as well.
Once you have identified your audience and what they are getting from your competitors, you can easily find what else they want which your competitors are not providing.
Once you’ve identified your target audience segment and found out what competitors are actually offering and adverting, you will easily be able to find what more products and service they want and what are things which your competitors have missed out.

Focus on your niche markets and all the serious issues or problems which your target audience is facing.
Don’t try to become an expert in every field, instead become an expert in single field for which people will remember your website.

Do you also struggle with common SEO marketing challenges?

And are the below questions common to you:

I am already doing SEO all by myself. Now I want to scale up by doing better promotions. The thing is, I am a one man army going against big sites and know exactly how to write great content.

I am running an e-commerce site. Will I be able to do the work of white hat SEO?

If any of the above questions sound familiar to you, we have collected your answers.

There are several common SEO myths wide open.

We will try our level best to empower companies & marketers by making them learn new skills and technologies and to improve their marketable skills by providing helpful tips with professional level training. We impart information about SEO education through tutorials and case studies by a community-based interactive SEO learning experience.

Before you fire up a keyword research you need to identify niche markets in your industry. Here we have shared 5 strategies, which can help you to find niche markets in your industry:

  1. Google wildcard search

Just go to Google and type idea of your niche and Google will bring up a random selection of results with niche ideas you would never have imagined of.

  1. Pinterest

Images help to communicate your ideas better and help steer your search in the right direction. If you don’t have made your account on Pinterest yet, then go and register now, it is great place to build a custom home feed. Try to follow at least more than 5 topics and save creative ideas you have found from the web with the pin-it button. Type your main industry keyword. On the top, you will get some criteria which are often your niche markets from which you can choose. You need to dig a bit deeper, in order to check out a criteria and find out other criteria and so niche markets find out where your clients belong to. In the end, you will get lots of valuable niche ideas from the infographics.

  1. Forums

The easiest way you can find forums where your target audience hangs out is by using search strings. For example,

Main industry keyword + powered by vbulletin

Main industry keyword + forums

Main industry keyword + board

Main industry keyword + forum

You must also try some other search engines for forums like Board Reader.

After finding your forum, note down how the forum is divided up into number of sections: And often each of these sections is your niche Market. You need to dig a bit deeper, in order to check out some of the threads on the forum and to find out your ideal customer’s some of the other niche markets where they belong to.

  1. Google News

Google News is a great place where you can find all the relevant information about upcoming product launch which can help you to either build sites around or get niche ideas. Go to Google and then news and type announced (don’t forget to use quotations) in the search box. By doing so, you will be able to find details of announced and upcoming products, films, shows, events, and much more. This method can also help you to actually find those products/services long before anyone else has even started thinking about marketing them.

You can do other searches with same procedure that can help you. For example, search for the following:

Best of 2015

Best new

Hot new releases

Most wished for

  1. Wikipedia table of contents

And last but not the least Wikipedia. Just go and check out Wikipedia and type in your broad keyword and get a chance to take a look at the sections of the page. You will find your killer niche markets in some of these sections that you may not have found otherwise. Check out a few more niche markets by clicking the internal links on the page.

We hope this article was helpful for you to increase your website traffic. Comment below, to share your experience.

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