In Conversation With The Man Behind Changing ‘Silk City’

rajesh verma

Bhagalpur is one of the largest towns and oldest districts in Bihar known as the “Silk City “of Bihar, it is famous for its sericulture, manufacture of silk yarn, and Weaving of Tussar silk. It is a major educational, commercial, and political center, recently under the Smart City program.

This small town is seeing a huge change lately and further boosting the growth of this city is one young who is taking on the responsibility as a citizen as well as the Deputy Mayor of Bhagalpur, Rajesh Verma

Tell us something about Bhagalpur and your experience there.

Advancement & growth is something that does not depend on a single event. Rather it depends on the ability to develop a consensus to support and pursue innovation at all stages to bring advancement.

A culture of change is also something that is needed to bring development—and the people from Bhagalpur have always been known for their entrepreneurial spirit, hard work, and discipline.

bhagalpur city

However, alongside a culture of innovation and change, there also needs to be a streamlined process towards urbanization. That is what we have been doing in Bhagalpur.

We have learned from the experiences of other cities around India and tried not to start from scratch.

Please share with us the changes you are making in the lives of people of Bhagalpur.

While Bhagalpur had the capability of progress there was none happening so I started taking up small initiatives like helping a place with 500 households by solving their water scarcity.

Waste disposal solutions, coupled with improvements in sanitation conditions and awareness campaigns, have been some of the ways through which we are trying to bring development in Bhagalpur and improve the quality of life of the people who live there.

The key is to put in place comprehensive plans that aim at holistic urban transformations.

How do you describe your role as the Deputy Mayor Bhagalpur?

To ensure that things are done timely and in a right way, there have been constant dialogues among the local and district authorities, the local bodies, and the public sector.

It has been a privilege for me that I am able to build upon the works my predecessors have done and to take forward their programs and projects.

bhagalpur city rajesh verma

I have always believed that the transformation of a society is accomplished by the succession of several excellent and coordinated government bodies and individuals.

We can speak of Bhagalpur as a real metamorphosis, and I would love to leave a mark as someone who has contributed to this historical process.

What is your message to the people of Bhagalpur as the Deputy Mayor and as a citizen?

Projects and megaprojects for development of city might take years to complete but like many projects we have done in the past, we will rely on the support of citizens and hard work of public servants and everyone’s dedication.

Our responsibility is to make sure we move toward the long-term improvement of Bhagalpur to make it into a place where we want our children and grandchildren to raise their families.

We want to make the city a livable place, not only for ourselves but also for the generations to come which means we have to be creative and find solutions for severe problems. These problems are so complex that top-down solutions do not work.

Rajesh verma bhagalpur silk city

We need an integrated demand-driven approach, involving business, knowledge and government and the people that live and work in the city. 

In a citizen-friendly city, people are connected and there is accessibility across the city. I want Bhagalpur to have a vibrant identity, smartly governed, clean, green and healthy. For Bhagalpur to become sustainable, we need to create better urban services – water, power, roads, and walkways.

The objective is to improve the quality of life for all and not become a showpiece. My vision is to build a healthy and resilient city where a healthy lifestyle is promoted.

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