Importance of Speed Test – How To Check Website Speed?

You think designing an awesome looking website with quality content and all the valuable features are the only responsibilities of a website designer. But this is not true. A good web designer knows the importance of website speed due to the fact that it was designed primarily for visitors and target audience.

So it is your job to keep the page loading time in check at all times. Most visitors don’t like to visit a website which takes forever to load. They won’t wait for the page to load for more than 10 seconds. google website speed test, google speed test, website speed test google

Why? Because time is valuable for everyone. You don’t want your visitors to leave your website. Do you? That is why, in this post, we are sharing with you some amazing speed testing tools. For page speed insights, you don’t have to count your website speed by yourself, these tools will give the correct results. Plus, it will also inform you how you can improve the speed by making some small changes. [Ask your website developer to do it for you and provide google page insights]


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Importance of Website Speed Test

Whenever sites take a long time to load, the visitors are more likely to become really annoyed. Plus, as they leave your website within a few seconds, your bounce rate will increase and you won’t even get any conversion. Thus, if you are monetizing the site in any way, then you are surely not making the profit you would have made with good website speed.

A lot of websites will inform you that there are plugins which can solve your problem easily. However, you can’t install all of those plugins. Why? Because it will make the page load even slower than before. Plus, you should uninstall some of the unused or unnecessary plugins from your site.

What is the best website loading speed?

Less than 2 seconds is the best page load time. However, average loading time is 5 seconds.

How to Check Loading Speed?

There are various websites you can visit to check how long your website takes to load. The free service offered by most popular websites are given below. These websites will also give you additional tips for improvement of the score. To see the accuracy of the result, you should run those tests more than once every week or whenever you make any major changes in your website like installing a plugin or changing the theme.

1. Pingdom Tools

Pingdom tools will not only check your website speed but will also complete score about the website performance.

2. GTmetrix

GTmetrix also comes with similar functions. Mostly, you will get the same outcome on both the platforms. But, if you are looking for the meaning of the insights, you should go with GTmetrix. You need to work hard to make page speed score and Yslow score between A and C. It will be great if the page loads within a second.

You can check the result of Wikipedia website here to compare the result. GTmetrix might be the best option for you if your website is hosted on datacenters based in America. It possesses a Canadian server, so, it will give the more reliable result.

So, when you have found out that your website is slow, you will surely want to find out reason and ways to fix the same. Right? Just scroll down to find a solution for the issues. Click on ‘what’s this mean’ button and you will be able to fix it yourself. However, if you are not sure, take the help of a developer cause even a bit of mistake can create a big trouble.

3. WebPagetest

WebPagetest is an oldfashioned website which provides stunningly in-depth result about the speed. In the site, you will see the default setting to advanced mode and you can choose the test server based on location. You will get plenty of available options in those two settings.

This way, you can compare the results of 3 websites and fix the issues.


Even if you find any problem while loading your website, you should periodically check issues in any of these websites. That way, you can be sure that your site is doing great on other devices as well.

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