“I have already informed you earlier that it was yours”

There were two mates. There was a girl Tania and a kid Raj. They generally were staying together. Raj lost his guardians so he was so content with Tania’s guardians.

Once there was Raj and Tania moving around a woodland. They were having a fabulous time and Raj sitting on a branch of a tree. He was little separation from the girl.

Raj hopelessly fall in love with a young woman.

He went to that young woman and asked her do you love me?

Tania: We Are Best Friends, Right?

Raj: Yes, Of Course.

Tania: So Be Honest With Me, Who Do You Like?

Raj: No One. I Love Someone.

Tania: Oh, She Must Be Very Lucky..

Raj: Definitely. I’ve Loved Her,

Since the time that I Met Her.

Tania: Really? Indeed, Since We’re Best Friends,

I Wanna Meet Her. Go Call Her.

Raj: Oh Okay.

Raj Takes Out His Phone, Dials Her number And Phones Her…

Tania: Wait, Hold On I Think I’m Getting A Call.

Answers The Phone

Raj: I Love You…

How adorable is it??

Tania: I don’t.

Raj: But I know you really well and I love you to such an extent.

Tania: I don’t trust that you are in love with me.

Raj – You are pretty and I think I am in love with you!

Tania: But I am not lovely. You haven’t met my friend yet. She is prettier than me and you know she is directly behind you.

Raj Looks there is nobody behind …

Tania – If u truly loved me you wouldn’t have looked behind

Raj: I guarantee to you that I am in love with you.

Tania: Don’t lie to me.
Raj: Trust me I guarantee to you I am in love with you,

and, The next Tania I will ever adore on earth will be our girl’.

Tania asked Raj, if I ask that you hop down from that tree will you isn’t that right?

Raj: Yes I will do it.

Tania: Why you will put your life in hazard?

Raj: Because I know you will get my hand and draw me up… .

Tania: If I don’t then?

Raj: I will pass on with the conviction that you attempt your best and couldn’t spare me.

Tania: I Love you to such an extent. If it’s not too much trouble get down from the tree.

Raj proposed Tania-companion for Marriage..;

Tania: Tell me..; who do you love most in this world..?

Raj: You, obviously!

Tania: what am I to you?

Raj thought for a minute and looked eagerly in her eyes and said:

“You are missing some part of my heart”.

She grinned, and she acknowledged his proposal.

They chose to wed soon. One day everything got given way.

Once Tania was sitting in a station and sitting tight for train. She gazed up and saw her sweetheart stroll in with a few snacks. As she was taking a gander at snacks, a man strolled in and pointed a weapon at her. He had respected her ring was in her finger. Which was her beau had given to her as a token of his affection. When he ask that her offer it to him, she said no. Her sweetheart turned up in the nick of time to see her shoot. He kept running over to the executioner and beat him savagely. At that point he hurried to her sweetheart and called 911. At the point when the rescue vehicle came, he was wailing wildly close to his better half.

The doctor came over and felt for her heartbeat. At that point he stood up and said she was still alive. Later at the clinic, as he was sitting along her, he asked “Why didn’t you simply give him the ring?” and afterward she delicately spoke “Since when you offered it to me, you said it was a piece of your love for me and I knew whether I gave him the ring, I would lose that affection.”

They went to the doctor and Dr said that it needs the heart surgery. The heart of that Tania ought to be transplant else it will be destructive for her life. No other operation can give her effective life. Both cried a lot. Raj holds her tight and said don’t stress my heart is forever yours. I am with you always.

At that point the operation date was settled. They went to the hospital for operation. At that point Tania said: I’m having my operation now. Don’t leave me alone. I Love You to such an extent. Tania lies on operation bed. Raj remains there with watery eyes, without saying that I adore you as well. The operation theater was shut. Young girl completes heart transplant. The family came inside to meet the young woman. Raj was not there. Young lady: Nurse! Where is he? I need to meet him now. Mother where is he? Where he went? Why he didn’t come to see me. They all stay quiet. She asked the specialist. Dr. Where is he? He stays quiet as well. She over and over asked to the nurse. At that point the nurse Says: They didn’t let you know whose heart they gave you? Isn’t that right?

Nurse gave over a note to Tania’s hand, she Reads the Note

“I have already informed you earlier that it was yours”.

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