How To Treat Flea Bites With Essential Oil?

flea bites

We love to have pets around, but our beloved furry pets are often accompanied by a parasite named flea that feeds on host blood and reproduces at a crazily fast rate.

Fleas irritate not only pets but also human for the fact that they can bite us and leave terribly itchy red bumps. There could be dozens of methods to deal with this nuisance. You can refer to this website “” for more flea treatment solutions. However, here in this writing, we focus on a natural remedy which is using essential oil to treat flea bites.

The essential oil is the extracted essential fragrance of the plant via distillation. Thanks to anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, the essential oil is effective in relieving discomfort and inflammation caused by flea bites. We will introduce some typical essential oil for your selection.

Tea tree oil

tea tree flea

As the name suggests, this oil is extracted from tea tree. If you get bitten by a flea and that bite causes you to feel crazily itchy, look for one or two drops of tea tree oil and directly apply it on the bite then you will feel relieved from the itchiness. A cotton swab will help to handle tea tree drop rather than touch it with a bare hand.

The essential oil is known to be powerful due to its distilled concentration. Thus, it is better to be diluted in a carrier oil before applying on any skin. However, in case of tea tree oil, you can apply the original oil without having to dilute it.

Only when your skin is the type of sensitive or you have a large area of bitten spots to cover, it is necessary to dilute the tea tree oil. Otherwise, simply dab the oil on the flea bites with a cotton swab. Tea tree oil is a good remedy for not only flea bites but also bed bug or spider bites.

Lavender essential oil

flea tree

The pleasant scent of lavender should be favored by many people and it should be known that lavender essential oil is also a perfect cure for flea bites. Anti-inflammatory properties of the oil help to reduce the inflammation of the bites and prevent skin infection.

Irritation or itchiness will be removed as soon as you apply lavender essential oil on the spots. Normally, one or two drops are adequate to relieve you from the discomfort. You may mix one or two drops of lavender essential oil with a tablespoon of coconut oil to apply for larger coverage.

Calendula oil

This essential oil is reported to be excellent for itching relief and redness or swelling reduction. You may buy a cream featuring calendula oil and apply it for the flea bites. The healing process will be speeded up remarkably as soon as ointment is dabbed on the bites, which means you will feel relieved from the itchy spots owing to the soothing effect of the oil.

Chamomile oil

The antihistamine-like properties found in chamomile oil is known to be effective for reducing swelling and itching. Adding two to three drops of chamomile oils with a tablespoon of coconut oil will make a perfect cream to treat flea bites. Apply the cream to the bitten skin two to three times per day to relieve the discomfort until the bites vanish.

Now you know how effective various types of essential oils are in treating flea bites. However, bear in mind that essential oil is good for human uses, but not for pets with flea bites, which means you should not use essential oil to cure your pets. Have one of the essential oils mentioned above in-house to resort to in case you or your family members are disturbed by flea bites.

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