How to Optimize Your Android Phone – Cleaner & Booster?

Face it! Your Android device won’t remain as powerful and efficient as it was new. After all, it is a technology and is bound to wear out. It will start to slow down (probably it must already have), lag and freeze.

The question is, what can you do about it? Is there any alternative to stop this from happening? Unfortunately, no! Your phone will stop functioning at some point or the other.

But, the good news is you can stop the aging process. There are ways to optimize your Android phone and avoid its premature end.

Android cleaners like ITL Phone Cleaner & Booster (most recommended in the Google Play Store with 4.5-star rating) needs special mention in this regard. It gives your phone the cleaning and boosts it needs.

Along with ITL Phone Cleaner, here are ten more tips and tricks that will make your Android phone run more efficiently.

Optimize your Android phone with ITL Phone Cleaner

ITL Phone Cleaner needs no introduction. This popular Android cache cleaner app on the Play Store, helps you optimize the performance of your slow performing phone. Its features are tempting as it grants users the advantage of finding and deleting junk files, residual files, cache and empty folders with just a tap.

Cleaning comes easy and so does boosting with ITL Phone Cleaner. It helps you recognize applications and send into hibernation when you are not using them. This keeps your battery level under control.

It also takes your device’s privacy into consideration. There is an antivirus module that scans and keeps your device protected in real-time. The application is free, lightweight and is easy to use. ITL Phone Cleaner will optimize your phone with its six basic modules and other wonderful features.

  1. Junk Cleaner

The application is equipped with advanced scanners that can identify junk files, system cache, app cache, empty folder, residual files and apks to get you all the space you wanted.

2. Phone Booster

One-tap boosting to accelerate the processing speed of your phone. As mentioned, it efficiently terminates background running apps to get your no-lag advantages.

3. Battery Saver

It prevents your battery from draining out faster than expected. It lets you take control of power consuming parameters like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and set them in a way that you get the most life out of it.

4. Duplicate Photos Remover

It does exactly what the name suggests. It sorts out duplicate images (even the similar looking, hazy, blurry ones) and provides you the option to delete them from the same screen.

5. Social Cleaner

Figure out unwanted files sent and received via. different social media apps and save up your precious space.

6. Antivirus

It isn’t a common antivirus feature. It insightfully provides deep scanning so that your device always remains virus-free. Get the best of real-time protection (all adding up to an optimized device!).

Other features include a CPU cooler to keep the temperature of your CPU under control, an app manager to organize your apps and a game booster to pump up gaming speed.

ITL Phone Cleaner is your shortcut to optimize your Android phone. If you are not up for manual cleaning (which can be a lot of time-consuming), this cleaner and booster is the way to go!

10 Tips to optimize your Android smartphone

1. Know your device

Know what your device can do. Keep track of its memory capacity along with all possible drawbacks of your phone. Make sure it is not filled with resource-hungry apps or apps that you haven’t used in a long time.

2. Update your Android to the latest version

Google offers new improvements with new releases. While some bring better stability, some more speed, and user-friendly features. Therefore, it is wise to keep your phone up-to-date so that you do not miss out on anything. (Note: Connect to wifi before updating, as it may use up a lot of your data).

3. Remove all bloatware

Bloatware is pre-installed apps that come along with your brand new phone. They are supplied by the manufacturer and often can’t be removed (of course! until you opt for rooting). So, if you do not want to root your phone, prevent them from automatically updating instead. It will save your storage space.

4. Keep only necessary apps

important apps

Do not give into temptations on the Google Play. Most of these apps do not do any good. They keep on running in the background and fill up space on your device affecting its performance and also heating it up.

5. Uninstall unwanted apps

Unused apps occupy a lot of space and slow down your phone. Go to Settings ———-> Application Manager ———-> All Apps. Click on the apps you do not use. Then tap on the Uninstall button. (Not to forget! ITL Cleaner also lets you uninstall apps easier and faster).

6. Home screen should be clutter-free

Keep your home screen as light as possible. Do not add widgets. If ifs already there, edit it by long-pressing on your home screen. Then hold and drag one widget at a time to drag it to the dustbin to remove it.

7. Use a still wallpaper

No matter how good live wallpapers look, stick to those conventional still wallpapers. Live ones use up a lot of processing power. Select preloaded wallpaper or your favorite ones from the gallery.

8. Keep auto-sync to a bare minimum

Do not let all your apps to sync automatically. Reduce the frequency of syncing from Settings ———-> Accounts ———-> Auto-sync on/off toggle. Also, consider removing accounts you don’t need.

9. Clear cached data manually

Cached data does more harm than good and won’t affect you much if you delete them. Go to Settings ———-> Application Manager ———-> All tab. Go to each app and tap on Clear Cache.

10. Secure your device

Use common sense to keep your device as secure as possible. Do not click on links or open attachments from sources you are not aware of. It can wear down your device performance way too soon.

Winding up

A lagging device is hungry for your attention. It requires you to make room for memory. Either you can do it manually or download ITL Phone Cleaner from the Play Store. Take your pick!

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