How To Create a Web Design That Works For SEO?

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SEO, shortened Search Engine Optimization, is a crucial part of a web design that should be given all the considerations it requires. Since there are already countless websites on the internet, merely owning a website is no longer enough.

You will need to rank on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) to make it big in the wide sphere of the web. The lower your ranking in SERPs is, the lesser you’ll be found by prospects. And that’s why it’s about time to take SEO seriously.

To achieve the level of SEO that can help you with your business’ place on SERPs, the following are some top tips to help you with a better ranking:

Web Design

Your website design must work on various devices considering the vast amount of people using mobile devices to browse the internet. With the ever-increasing number of netizens spending more time on their phones, the significance of a site’s mobile responsiveness becomes immense today more than ever.

There are sites that are not designed to be compatible with mobile devices, and this is going to ruin your business chances with users on mobile. In order to address to every kind of users, your site must be responsive and compatible with desktops and handheld devices such as tablets and mobiles. To achieve this, you can reach to a professional web design company in the Philippines offering affordable web design cost.

Keyword Research

During the early age of the internet, an SEO strategy of flooding your page and post with certain keywords works; The more the keywords are repeated, the greater the chance that the page and/ or post would appear on a search results page whenever particular keywords are typed on the search engine.

However, in today’s case, that strategy no longer works. One mention of a keyword will be effective as long as the contents are relevant to that keyword. While your keywords will still be used to find your pages, the relevance you provide to your audience is what will make you searchable.

Page Load Speed

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As you probably already know, audience experience is what drives SEO now. Your website’s components must work hand-in-hand in order to provide users with the best possible user experience. This is what would make you reach the top of the results page.

One of the factors affecting user experience is the time it takes for a page to load. If your website loads too slowly, then you are risking to lose visitors. Appropriate placement of scripts as well as proper optimization of images and videos enable better users to have better experience on your site.


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Navigation is also another factor of your website design that you should consider. Aim to provide an organized navigation scheme so that users would be able to run through your site with ease.

Your menus play a large role in your site’s navigation. There’s a number of the layout of menus that you can try such as single bar navigation, double-bar navigation, and drop-down navigation.

Each of these three has its own ups and downs. Make sure that you choose the most appropriate navigation scheme for your site. Always remember that for this, the fewer clicks, the better.


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If your site is comprised of, or can possibly have, a huge number of pages, at that point having a sitemap can be extremely useful.

Without a sitemap, search engines will experience considerable difficulties crawling into your website. With the utilization of an XML sitemap, slithering onto every one of your destinations’ pages would be simpler.


Your site’s URL should be advanced as well. It must be able to represent your business. It should be catchy and easy to remember.

You should also ensure that your CMS or Content Management System has the capacity to provide you with optimized URLs instead of URLs with automatically-generated codes made up of random numbers.


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It can’t be denied that SEO has become more complex throughout the years. However, the impacts are particularly justified, despite all these.

Search engine optimization has helped set principles with respect to what a site should be – one that ideally provides the best possible experience to users. This is the bearing that Google wants website specialists to take, and one that you should take too.

If you’re a bit more serious about establishing a good ranking, then I suggest contacting SEO services in the Philippines to do an initial audit for your website. From there, you’ll achieve considerable so long as you choose to take necessary improvements to your site. 

Obviously, it will require some investment and a lot of work before you would have the capacity to consummate your SEO activities and you should drive forward until at that point. Your rewards for all the hard work would appear at last. With these tips above, accomplishing this will be less demanding.

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