The Ultimate Guide On How To Choose And Use A Pedometer

How to Choose and Use a Pedometer

Walking approximately a 10000 steps is essential to keep a human body fit and active. However, according to recent research, nowadays people walk an average of 5000 steps daily or even less than that. This is unhealthy and hazardous to your body systems. If you are trying to lose weight, then you must be walking an average of 15000 steps daily to burn the calories. People do not have enough time on hands in their busy schedules to count their steps regularly. Pedometers come in handy for situations like these and can be of excellent help.

A pedometer is one of the motivating tools, and it is easy and better to use. It counts the number of steps a person has walked. This helps to keep the people motivated to workout. Knowing the number of steps during you walk also makes you want to take it as a challenge and then beat it. You can wear the pedometer any day and whenever you want. It does not matter if you are going for a walking workout or just moving around. There is no restriction as to when can you wear the pedometer.

Which pedometer to select?

In the beginning, the first pedometers were worn on the belt or the person’s waistband. The pedometer had to be in a parallel position with the ground to give accurate results. However, recently pedometers are also introduced in the wristband style. The bands of wristband pedometers are in different catchy colors and styles.

Pedometers nowadays are much more advanced and can track many other things then steps covered. Pedometers can now calculate the heart rate, think minutes of rigorous physical activities, numbers of flights of stairs climbed, and sleep patterns. Pedometers are also available on mobile phones in the form of mobile applications. You have to turn on the application and keep the mobile phone with you for the app to count your steps.

Choosing the best budget fitness tracker pedometer depends on your personal needs. Every person has different needs and body type. To understand the body type you have, you must contact your nutritionist. After getting a complete understanding of your body requirements, you should then consult your family, friends who have used a pedometer previously and a fitness trainer for getting a guide on which pedometer would suit you the best and how would it work for you.

Simple steps to use a pedometer

How to Choose and Use a Pedometer

Once you get a pedometer, the next thing to consider is how to use it. There are specific ways and actions which are to be followed while using a pedometer. Following provided is a simple guide for you to operate your pedometer without having to face difficulties.

Set your step goal

The first thing to do is set your step goal. Set the target which you are seeking to achieve daily. This will be your primary step which would help you to stay healthy and fit.

Using the pedometers for the right duration of time

If you are not using the pedometer merely for walking workout session, then you will have to wear it or keep it turned on an entire day. Make sure you turn on the pedometer or wear it first thing in the morning once you wake up and take it off or turn it off exactly right before you go to bed. If you are using the pedometer in the form of the mobile phone application, then you can keep it turned on even during sleep and tracked your sleep pattern easily. However, if your usage of the pedometer is restricted to only walking workout then make sure to wear it or turn it on when you go out for your daily walk.

Keep a check on your everyday routine

Initially, start with your routine but make sure to keep a check on how many steps you cover every day. Feed your every day count somewhere and then study the average number of steps you include each day. Then eventually increase your number of steps and make sure to achieve the goal every day. Keep expanding the goal every few weeks or months to help yourself achieve the common goal of steps for a healthy lifestyle.

Tips to use a pedometer

Using a pedometer can be hard at times. For instance, people might fail to find the motivation to walk daily or keep a check on their number of steps. However, following are several ways which you can use to avail the benefits of a pedometer fully

Walking companion

Try to find a walking partner. It could be a human companion or even an activity company. You can find yourself a friend or family member who would go for a walk with you daily. If you cannot find any person to accompany you then engage yourself in activities like listening to songs, audiobooks etc while you walk. Another great option is to take your pet along with you.

Don’t take the shortcuts

Try to avoid making alternatives like taking the elevator or getting the bus to a nearby grocery store. This would help you to naturally increase the number of steps you cover each day without having you force yourself to do it.

Make sure your footwear is comfortable

Most of the times people start losing interest in walking because of uncomfortable shoe leading to unusual aches. Make sure you are wearing appropriate footwear which is comfortable while you walk.

Using a pedometer is essential and fun at the same time. Make sure to use it for an extra dose of motivation to walk an average of 10000 steps on a daily basis. Walking the right number of steps every day will make you fit and healthy.

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