How To Brand Your Online YouTube Videos?

Let’s suppose you made a video, and there was an exceptional number of viewers on your video. This sounds legit great, right? But does this guarantee you that people will watch your website and rest of your videos also, what if they don’t turn up for the rest of your videos? What if they are not aware of whose videos they just watched, or how will they be able to find differentiate your video from the lot. If you are not being recognized, then you are not probably doing something right. The problem is that your branding is not on point.

In order to take a lead in the rat race, recognition is a must. People need to know who are they watching then only they will be waiting to see your work again. Even if they don’t watch your video, the next time they will instantly remember your name and brand whenever they see your video. Thus, branding plays an integral part here. There are a number of ways to brand your videos which are discussed further.

Adding an introduction or logo to your videos, this is one of the most basic and important things one can do which will definitely create a great impact on the viewership. In movies and long TV series there is time for people to differentiate it from others, but when the duration of your video is small then a short and simple introduction can help a viewer differentiate your video next time he/she watches it. Make sure your intro is not very long otherwise the viewer would not waste time in seeing it.

Watermarking is also a technique which can be used as a way of branding. It is usually present on top right corner of the videos; this option is available in video programming setting. When one clicks on it, the person is directed towards the page of the video where the viewer can also subscribe.

The description can also be used to brand your videos, although it’s basically a place to briefly describe the video. The description can be used to provide various other links to your promotional pages and your social networking handles to create a buzz among the people. The subject matter of video is very important.

A viewer is always intrigued by some new ideas and thoughts. Anything out of the box catches the eye as soon as it is posted. Once you are able to establish your viewership then everything is sorted. Use of a particular thumbnail adds to it, if a person follows a certain kind of thumbnails then he/she will be easily recognized by the viewers.

A well-maintained channel page is like icing on the cake. The channel page can be used as a platform to showcase all the crazy things like vlogs and all, pictures, content and everything. These are some fundamental branding techniques which can be used by anyone. Basic application of such measures will help you see a substantial rise in the viewership as well.

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