How should you start the preparation for CAT Quantitative Ability?

There are unlimited numbers of problems to solve when it comes to mathematics and 3 months is not enough for full preparation. The main question which is surely coming to your mind is – where to start from?

Before giving you any advice, we should share with you important topics which you will face in CAT exam.

1. Number System: You must START from here. You must be clear with the simple concepts of this topic.

2. Arithmetic: It is essential for non-CAT papers. This topic contains numerous sub-topics. However, only a few questions were asked in the last 4 years from this topic.

3. Algebra: You should focus more on this topic as most questions came from it in the last 4 years.

4. Geometry: It is another important topic you shouldn’t ignore.

5. Permutation and Combination or Probability: You can expect two questions from this topic.

6. Miscellaneous Topics: Like Trigonometry, Set Theory and Logarithms.

Important Facts To Note:

Algebra and Geometry are hard yet essential topics, you should be prepared for it beforehand. The arithmetic topic is usually ignored, you shouldn’t expect more from it. You should be prepared with each and every topic at least its basic concepts. You must try to solve questions of previous years for any exam but especially CAT. And, that also topic wise.

The questions are usually set on the same logic. You should focus more on data interpretation, if you are weak in mathematics. Adopt a planned approach. Break your schedule in two parts: concept and practice stage. Don’t go for shortcuts. It won’t work.

Start the preparation for CAT Quantitative Ability

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