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high fashion perfumes

Perfume and haute couture have always gone hand in hand. The most important firms in the world of fashion have their own fragrances and, in turn, they blend with the collections or the most emblematic details of each designer or designer.

We making a fashion show with 6 outstanding women perfumes

  1. Narciso Rodríguez Eau de parfum Poudrée

It has become a badge for the fashion designer. Sensual and discreet, with an elegant touch, try to wrap the woman. Hence, both the bottle and the perfume appear soft as the silk used in their collections but always leaving a halo that is never forgotten. In fact, its intensity has revealed in the next edition of the perfume with the intense pink of his Fleur Musc.

2. Chloé Fleur de Parfum

It follows the trail of the Parisian and vintage style of the French brand. Her creativity, femininity, and idiosyncrasy are shown in the pleating of the bottle since it is inspired by the details of the sleeve of the classic Chloé blouse. The fragrance has been created around the heart of the soft and sensual rose, highlighting the most intense and delicate part.

3. Gucci Premiere

The Italian firm combines in this perfume its sophistication with its symbol of the two rings together. The personality of the fragrance is already seen in its notes, with the bergamot, the orange blossom, and the champagne, which are diluted in the musk, the Bulgarian rose, the freesia and the jasmine in his heart. The background is more intense when combining patchouli with woody notes and leather.

4. Armani Code

A floral perfume created in 2006 and that is still among the favorites more than ten years later. Its packaging is inspired by the floral and elegant collections of Armani, which is transmitted in an aroma that introduces two types of oranges from Africa and Italy. The bottle shows the curves of a seductive and stylish woman, full of life and with a provocative charm.

5. Burberry My Burberry Black

It is a perfume inspired by the well-known women’s raincoat of the firm. A fragrance that wraps with oriental floral notes. With the jasmine as a note of departure, the rose and peach permeate the heart notes that let pass after patchouli and amber in the background.

6. Jour Absolue de Hermés

The French firm, founded in 1837 and with the horse as a symbol, launched in 2014 this precious elixir of the floral olfactory family for women. Contains gardenia, jasmine sambac and apricot blossom, all collected in an elegant, discreet and intimate packaging that honors the brand.

2018 is the year of two new Emporio Armani fragrances Because it’s you for women, and Stronger with you, for men. They express a contemporary lifestyle and speak of a new generation. Two names that initiate a dialogue of love that the firm has wanted to represent in a series of short films starring Matilda Lutz and James Jagger, directed by Fabien Constant.

The fragrance is the driving thread of love, a pair of aromas of equal strength. One, perfectly feminine and the other, generously masculine. Justas communicate, challenge and seduce each other.

Because it’s you

For her, a cheerful, delicious, sparkling, simply irresistible fragrance, like a ripe raspberry in its most perfect and elegant naturalness when combined with neroli.

The perfume is shamelessly feminine, full of instinct and passion. Its charm hits instantly, as the addictive and sophisticated absolute rose. Play with its power of seduction when the vanilla mixes with the musk to reveal a complex and incredibly intense sensuality. Daring and captivating instantly, expresses the urgency of a love that takes every opportunity to declare.

Stronger with you

For him, a perfume that lives in the present, sculpted by the energy of modernity. Unpredictable, it surprises with its originality, like the spicy chord of its start notes – a mixture of cardamom, pink pepper, and violet leaves. He has inherited a sure elegance but with touches of carefree youth, which is transmitted thanks to the sage in his aromatic heart.

This new masculine fragrance from Armani communicates with sensuality, just as the smoky Vanilla Jungle Essence falls in love with the chestnut chord covered in sugar to succumb to its magnetism.

As for the bottle, its clean lines and elegant shapes are characteristics of Giorgio Armani’s style. Above all, these jars are sensual: their rounded and curved shapes remind us of masculine men and female hips. The bottle, simple and subtle, has the density of an authentic work of art.

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